Alexandru Marcoci


Alexandru Marcoci

I am a Fellow in the Government Department and a doctoral candidate in the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method at LSE. My areas of specialisation are epistemology (especially formal), decision theory and philosophy of science. I find puzzles... puzzling and in my thesis I discuss the Absentminded Driver, Sleeping Beauty, Newcomb's problem, the lottery paradox and the numbers problem. Together with James Nguyen I am investigating whether scientists can rationally rank competing theories based on how those theories fare with regards to scientific virtues such as adequacy, simplicity, scope, etc. I am currently teaching an introductory course in political theory for first year students.


Forthcoming. "Scientific Rationality by Degrees". In Michela Massimi, Jan-Willem Romeijn and Gerhard Schurz, Recent Developments in the Philosophy of Science - EPSA15 Dusseldorf (Springer). (with James Nguyen)

2015. "Review of Quitting Certainties: A Bayesian Framework Modeling Degrees of Belief, Michael G. Titelbaum. Oxford University Press, 2013, xii + 345 pages." Economics and Philosophy 31(1):194-200.

2012. "The Surprise Examination Paradox in Dynamic Epistemic Logic." In Demey, L., de Vuyst, J. (eds), Future Directions for Logic: Proceedings of PhDs in Logic III, Brussels (College Publications).

Selected Conference Presentations

"Against Elga's Principle of Indifference for Centred Worlds", 2nd Munich Graduate Workshop in Mathematical Philosophy: Formal Epistemology, Munich, 7-9/04/16.
"On the Rationality of Theory Choice", Theory Choice meets Social Choice Symposium, EPSA 2015, Düsseldorf, 23-26/09/15.
"On the Rationality of Theory Choice", 8th Munich-Sydney-Tilburg Conference in Philosophy of Science, Tilburg, 10-12/06/15.
"Reply to 'Shape Perception in a Relativistic Universe' by Peter Epstein", The 12th Annual Berkeley-London Philosophy Conference, Berkeley, 19-20/05/15.
"On the Rationality of Theory Choice", 17th Annual Pitt/CMU Graduate Student Philosophy Conference, Pittsburgh, 20-21/03/15.
"Reply to ‘Why Epistemic Normativity Won't Come From What is Constitutive of Belief’ by Charles Coté-Bouchard", Institute of Philosophy: Spring Graduate Philosophy Conference, London, 27/02/15.
"Solving the Absentminded Driver Problem Through Deliberation", The Twenty-Fourth Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association, Chicago, 6-8/11/14.
"Should the virtue pluralist fear Arrovian Nihilism?", First London Philosophy of Science Graduate Workshop, London, 2-3/09/14. (Presented by James Nguyen)
"Solving the Absentminded Driver Problem Through Deliberation", Annual Conference of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science, Cambridge, 10-11/07/14.
"Reply to ‘Collective Responsibility in the Absence of Collective Agency’ by R. Bascara", Institute of Philosophy: Spring Graduate Philosophy Conference, London, 07/02/14.
"Beliefs and Strategies in Decision Problems with Imperfect Information", Games and Decisions, Pisa, 08-10/07/13. (Invited).
"In defense of fair lotteries", British Postgraduate Philosophy Association Conference, Glasgow, 24-27/06/13.
"In defense of fair lotteries", Second Reasoning Club Conference, Pisa, 17-19/06/13. (Invited).
"Reply to ‘Evans’s Attack on Tense Logic’ by J. MacIntosh", Institute of Philosophy: Winter Graduate Philosophy Conference, London, 09/12/12.
"Reply to ‘A Physical Argument Against Composition’ by J. Erhardt", British Postgraduate Philosophy Association Conference, Reading, 22-25/09/11.


This year I am teaching on the course GV100 Introduction to Political Theory. Below you can find the webpages of two courses I have taught in the past.

award In 2015 I was awarded a Honourable Commendation for Excellent Class Teaching by the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method. In 2014 I was awarded the Students' Union Teaching Excellence Award for Collaborative Research and Guidance.


Global Justice Assistant Editor of Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric. Our submission information is available here.

New Co-organiser of the Theory Choice meets Social Choice Symposium at EPSA 2015 in Düsseldorf, 22-25 September.

New Co-organiser of Decision, Games and Logic 2015. The workshop will take place on 17-19 June 2015 at LSE.

cpnss Communications Officer for the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science at LSE (2012-2015)

New Organiser of the weekly meetings of the LSE Choice Group (2012-2015).

logic Convener (with David Makinson) of the Lent reading group in philosophical logic (2011-2015).

Probability Co-organiser of the Fourth LSE Graduate Conference in Philosophy of Probability, 6-7 June 2014.

SSLCBetween 2011 and 2013 I served in the Student-Staff Liaison Committee in the Philosophy Department at LSE.

LIRaCo-organiser of the Logic and Interactive Rationality Seminar at the ILLC, Amsterdam, March-August 2011.


Department of Government
London School of Economics & Political Science
Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE.

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