London School of Economics and Political Science

Assistant Professor (Lecturer) of Economics (September 2007 - present)

Centre for Economic Policy Research – CEPR

Research Fellow (May 2012 - present)

International Journal of Industrial Organization

Associate Editor (September 2014 - present)

Competition and Markets Authority

Academic Advisor

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Multi-Variety Durable-Good Monopoly: A Revisited Coase Conjecture and Product Design (with F. Nava), March 2016 ----- R&R.


Simultaneous First-Price Auctions with Preferences over Combinations: Idenfication, Estimation and Application (with M. Gentry & T. Komarova), January 2016


On Monotone Strategy Equilibria in Simultaneous Auctions for Complementary Goods (with M. Gentry, T. Komarova & W. Shin), December 2015, which replaces the previous version here .


Multi-category competition and market power: a model of supermarket pricing (with S. Seiler, H. Smith and O. Thomassen). January 2016. ----- R&R.


Supermarket Competition with a Social Planner: The Effects of Entry Regulation, (with H. Smith and Y. Takahashi). February 2011.


Measuring Market Power in the Supermarket Industry: A Model of Multi-Store and -Product Choice , (with S. Seiler, H. Smith and O. Thomassen). November 2015.



Buying frenzy in durable goods markets (with T. Liu)

[ Web Appendix ]
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Sales and Collusion in a Market with Storage (with F. Nava)

[ Web Appendix ]
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