Gregory Thwaites

I am an economist at the Bank of England and a PhD student at LSE.

My email address is g.d.thwaites "at"


Working Papers

Why are real interest rates so low? Secular stagnation and the relative price of investment goods Centre for Macroeconomics Discussion paper 2014-28, October 2014

‘Pushing on a string: US monetary policy is less powerful in recessions’ (2013), CEP Discussion Paper 1218, (co-authored with Prof Silvana Tenreyro)

Published research

‘The future of international capital flows’ (2011), (co-authored with Will Speller and Michelle Wright), Bank of England FS paper no. 12, featured in VoxEU and Gillian Tett’s FT column

‘Efficient frameworks for sovereign borrowing’ (2008), (co-authored with Gregor Irwin), Bank of England working paper no. 343

‘Optimal emerging-market fiscal policy when trend output growth is unobserved’ (2006), Bank of England working paper no. 308

‘Fiscal rules for debt sustainability in emerging markets – the impact of volatility and default risk’ (2006), (co-authored with Adrian Penalver), Bank of England working paper no. 307

‘Real world mortgages, consumption volatility and the low inflation environment’ (2005), (co-authored with Sebastian Barnes), Bank of England working paper no. 273

‘The Measurement of House Prices’ (2003) Bank of England QB, Spring 2003