Gregory Thwaites

I am an economist at the Bank of England and a PhD student at LSE.

My email address is g.d.thwaites "at"


Working Papers

‘Pushing on a string: US monetary policy is less powerful in recessions’ (2013), CEP Discussion Paper 1218, (co-authored with Prof Silvana Tenreyro)

Published research

‘The future of international capital flows’ (2011), (co-authored with Will Speller and Michelle Wright), Bank of England FS paper no. 12, featured in VoxEU and Gillian Tett’s FT column

‘Efficient frameworks for sovereign borrowing’ (2008), (co-authored with Gregor Irwin), Bank of England working paper no. 343

‘Optimal emerging-market fiscal policy when trend output growth is unobserved’ (2006), Bank of England working paper no. 308

‘Fiscal rules for debt sustainability in emerging markets – the impact of volatility and default risk’ (2006), (co-authored with Adrian Penalver), Bank of England working paper no. 307

‘Real world mortgages, consumption volatility and the low inflation environment’ (2005), (co-authored with Sebastian Barnes), Bank of England working paper no. 273

‘The Measurement of House Prices’ (2003) Bank of England QB, Spring 2003