Chrisanthi Avgerou

Professor of Information Systems
Information Systems and Innovation Group
London School of Economics
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE, UK.

Tel +44 171-955 7634, Fax +44 171 955 7385


Ph.D. Information Systems, London School of Economics, 1989
M.Sc. Computer Science, Loughborough University of Technology, UK, 1978
B.Sc.(Hons) Mathematics, University of Athens, Greece, 1977

Professional activities

Chairperson of the IFIP Technical Committee 9 on the Relationship between computers and society 

Fellow of the British Computer Society

Fellow of the Association for Information Systems (AIS). 

Associate editor of the The Information Society journal  and Information Systems research Journal .

Degree co-ordinator for the Bsc Information Systems and Management of the External Programme of the University of London 

Some recent publications

Avgerou, C. and K. McGrath (2007) "Power, Rationality, and the Art of Living through Socio-Technical Change", MIS Quarterly, vol.31, no 2, pp. 295-315.

Avgerou, C., R. Mansell, D. Quah, and D. Silverstone (2007) The Oxford Handbook of Information and Communication Technologies, Oxford University Press.

Perspectives and Policies on ICT in Society, Springer (2005) (co-edited with J. Berleur) ISBN 0-387-25587-7.

The Social Study of Information and Communication Technology, Oxford University Press (2004) (co-edited with C. Ciborra and F. Land) ISBN 0-19-925356-0 (hbk.) ISBN 0-19-925352-8 (pbk).

Information systems and the economics of innovation, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar (2003) (co-edited with R. Lèbre LaRovere) ISBN 1-84376-018-5.

Information Systems and Global Diversity, Oxford, Oxford University Press (2002).

Information Technology in Context: studies from the perspective of developing countries, London, Ashgate (2000) (co-edited with G. Walsham).

"Doing critical research in information systems: some further thoughts", Information Systems Journal, vol 15, 103-109 (2005).

‘The link between ICT and Economic Growth in the Discourse of Development’, in Korpela, M., Momtealegre, R., and Poulymenakou, A. Organizational Information Systems in the Context of Globalization, Boston, Kluwer, pp 373-386 (2003).

‘IT and organizational change: an institutionalist perspective’ Information Technology and People, vol 13, no 4, pp 234-262 (2000).

"The academic field of information systems in Europe", European Journal of Information Systems, vol 8,  pp 136-153 (1999) (with J. Siemer and N. Bjørn-Andersen).

Developing Information Systems: Concepts, Issues and Practice, Second Edition, Macmillan (1998) (with T. Cornford).

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