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PhD in Social Policy  
The London School of Economics and Political Science
Research Focus: Adapting, Acting Out, or Standing Firm: Understanding The Place of Drugs in The Policing of a London Borough

Masters in Social Policy (Research)
The London School of Economics and Political Science, Merit Level
Dissertation Focus: The Orientation and Implementation of Drug Control Strategies by The Metropolitan Police Service

BA in Sociology with Honours
University of California at Santa Cruz
Senior Thesis: 'Naked to Each Other': An Ethnographic Examination Of The Use Of Cannabis And Mechanisms Of Support For Terminally Ill Patients In A Support Group


London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Santa Cruz, California

Policy and Research Experience

LSE Enterprise, on behalf of the National Offender Management Service
▪Assisted with the design of a multimethodological research program looking at the implementation of Structured Communication techniques in prisons.
▪Conducted surveys of Prison Officers and staff in two English prisons.
▪Led qualitative in-depth interviewing of Prison Officers and offenders, to ascertain their beliefs on communication between the two groups.
▪Organised project time-lines and on-site scheduling of research activities with staff members of the prison and civil-servants at NOMS HQ.
▪Developed measurement tools for program evaluation in consultation with senior researchers and government bureaucrats.
▪Analysed qualitative data from offenders, and created thematic coding elements.

PhD Fieldwork
Metropolitan Police Service
▪Conducted Ethnographic fieldwork alongside officers from two Response Teams and three Safer Neighbourhood Teams in an inner-London borough for over 500 hours.
▪Conducted 25 semi-structured in-depth interviews with officers and staff members.
▪Analysed qualitative data and recorded more than 24 hours of audio notes.
▪Obtained and analysed quantitative police, geographic, political, and community data in order to support developed understanding of area of operation and policing priorities.

Advocacy Assistant
The Drug Law Reform Project of the American Civil Liberties Union
▪Prepared legal filings and correspondence to the exacting standards of the US Federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court.
▪Assisted in creation of messaging and execution of media outreach efforts that lead to colleagues appearing on NPR, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and elsewhere.
▪Created professional quality internal and external advocacy documents for campaigns on issues involving confidential informants and medical cannabis.
▪Wrote briefs and position papers on state and federal criminal justice issues utilizing various online search tools such as Westlaw, Pacer, and Lexis-Nexis.
▪Organized frequent policy events and media trainings for 50+ people.
▪Worked with national and local media outlets to clearly communicate our position on criminal justice policy issues.
▪Recorded and edited audio, video and photos for use in advocacy publications.

National Board of Directors
Students for Sensible Drug Policy
▪Designed and executed inaugural review as Chairman of Executive Director Evaluation Committee, completing our report on fundraising accomplishments, internal management structure, budgeting, and strategic goal fulfilments.
▪Co-Authored a three-year strategic plan that directly led to the organization doubling in size.
▪Led development of the organization's media outreach plan.

Measure K Oversight Committee
▪Liaised with Police, City Attorney, and municipal staff to oversee implementation and practical application of a voter initiative regulating local cannabis policing.
▪Designed police monitoring system to ensure accurate flow of data to the city.
▪Led outreach efforts to local media outlets, securing coverage across print and broadcast media throughout the region.
▪Investigated reports from citizens claiming non-compliance by police, and reported findings to other committee members.

Academic and Teaching Experience

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Social Policy Department, 'Psychology of Crime and Criminal Justice', and 'Foundations of Social Policy' courses, The London School of Economics
▪Taught weekly class of 15 undergraduate students in each class.
▪Led discussions and assisted students in developing presentation outlines.
▪Designed weekly lesson plans that built up student's knowledge and ability.
▪Graded assigned essays and examinations in line with department guidelines.
▪Worked with other class teachers to develop a coherent teaching plan across six different weekly sessions.

CV Advisor
Careers Service Office, The London School of Economics
▪Led one-to-one advice sessions for students seeking help with their CV.
▪Edited cover letters and CVs to meet professional standards, including specialty CVs for students seeking to enter the financial or consulting fields.

September 2010-June 2013
London, United Kingdom


August 2010-August 2011
London, United Kingdom


October 2005-June 2008
Santa Cruz, California


November 2004- February 2008
Washington, D.C.

January 2008-June 2008
Santa Cruz, California

October 2009- Present
London, United Kingdom

September 2009- Present
London, United Kingdom


Selected Presentations and Conferences

Participant at "Roundtable on Current Debates, Research  Agendas and Strategies to Address Racial Disparities in Police-initiated Stops in the UK and USA" John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, USA

"How the Search for Cannabis Affects Policing, Community Members, and Officers" British Society of Criminology Conference Newcastle, United Kingdom

"Shooting Yourself in Both Feet: How the Search for Cannabis  Affects Policing, Community Members, and Officers" 2011 International Society for the Study of Drugs Policy Conference Utrecht, Netherlands

"Using Ethnography and Other Qualitative Research Practices to Get Inside Street Level Policing of Drugs" 2010 International Society for the Study of Drug Policy Conference Santa Monica, California

"Going After the Hard Stuff: An Ethnographic Examination of Street Level Policing of Drugs" (Poster Presentation) 2010 International Society for the Study of Drug Policy Conference Santa Monica, California

"What Britain Can Teach the US About Managing Drug Problems" Conference Panelist: Policing Drug Markets 2009 International Drug Policy Reform Conference Albuquerque, New Mexico

"An Overview of Drugs and Drug Policy" Guest Lecture, "Conflicts in Criminal Justice" course Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK

"Drug Laws, Civil Rights, and University Students" Guest Lecture, 'Dugs in Society' course University of California at Santa Cruz

Panel Moderator: Civil Rights and the Drug War Students for Sensible Drug Policy Annual Conference Washington, D.C.

"Medical Marijuana, Patients, and The Law" Guest Lecture, 'Dugs in Society' course University of California at Santa Cruz

"Pushing the Boundaries of What You Can Do on Campus" International Drug Policy Reform Conference Panelist: The Student Movement to End the Drug War: Past, Present and Future Long Beach, CA

"College Students and Drugs, A Quantitative Examination" Guest Lecture, 'Dugs in Society' course University of California at Santa Cruz

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