The Numbers in Black and White:Ethnic Disparities In The Policing And Prosecution Of Drug Offences In England And Wales (Eastwood, Shiner and Bear, 2013)

Post office placements aren't the key to boosting confidence in the police
The Guardian, January 10, 2013, Author: Daniel Bear
Increasing formal control by a more visible police force isn't as effective as, say, making sure stop-and-search is done fairly

Giving police jobs to G4S is not the way forward
The Guardian, August 16, 2012, Author: Daniel Bear
A scheme to recruit 'civilian investigators' to assist officers may save money but UK policing will be tainted by such privatisation

Causes & Things
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July 2012

The distorted measurements of drugs policy risk harming the community
LSE Politics and Policy Blog June 26, 2012 Author: Daniel Bear

The the reclassification of cannabis and the push for increased measurement of police activities has had alienating effects in the community.