Elias EiniŲ

Research Papers

"R&D Subsidies and Company Performance: Evidence from Geographic Variation in Government Funding Based on the ERDF Population-Density Rule", Review of Economics and Statistics, October 2014, Vol. 96, No. 4: 710Ė728. [pdf]

"Do Tax Incentives for Research Increase Firm Innovation? An RD Design for R&D" (with Antoine DechezleprÍtre, Ralf Martin, Kieu-Trang Nguyen, and John Van Reenen) NBER Working Paper No. 22405, July 2016. [pdf]

"The (Displacement) Effects of Spatially Targeted Enterprise Initiatives: Evidence from UK LEGI" (with Henry Overman) CEPR Discussion Paper No. 11112, February 2016. [pdf]

"Estimating Labor Demand Elasticities from Asymmetric Product Market Shocks", October 2018. [pdf]

"The Impact of Asian Peers on Scholastic Achievement: Evidence from Fertility Shocks in the Dragon Year" (with Rocco díEste) IZA Discussion Paper no. 11682, Revised Version: August 2018. [pdf]

Work in Progress

"Nurturing the Young and Innovative Firms" (with Antoine DechezleprÍtre)

"Long-Term Effects of Social Sorting: Evidence from a Universal Conscription"

"Workplace Networks and Residential Sorting" (with Teemu Lyytikšinen, Maria SŠnchez-Vidal, and Rosa Sanchis-Guarner)