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I am an anthropologist completing a PhD at the London School of Economics funded by the ESRC (Economics and Social Research Council). My research with Afro-Peruvians and mestizos focuses on the link between kinship ('who' and 'what' makes family), local ideas about 'race', and inequality. Based on traditional ethnographic fieldwork lasting 18 months in a rural community in Northern coastal Peru my research also combines historical material and incorporates experimental tasks derived from cognitive anthropology. I was supervised by Prof. Olivia Harris, and am now working with Prof. Rita Astuti (LSE) and Prof. Peter Wade (University of Manchester).

As well as being rooted firmly in an academic department renowned for its commitment to rigorous ethnographic research and anthropological theory I continue to work as an applied anthropologist. Previous to embarking on my doctoral thesis I was Research Manager for qualitative research organisation ESRO, implementing anthropological approaches and theories for innovation in the public policy and planning, private and third sector.

I am also a permanent associate of the Afro-Peruvian Museum, of Zaņa, with links to the National Institute of Culture in Peru and founder of a health and exercise education project called Heart of Yapatera.


London School of Economics
Department of Anthropology
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE

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