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Photos    A selection of my favorite photographs

Me and Jose-Carlos Mariategui (grandson of the lengendary Peruvian Marxist)

In the Grave of Karl Marx, Highgate Cemetery, London, 2007

Legendary Machu Piccu, Peru

Me and Jose-Carlos Mariategui, at the turn of the 2007 to 2008

My friend Nicos Mantousis, his son Alkis and Me

Tennis Courts in my hometown Preveza, Western Greece, Summer 2006

As Daniela saw me against the pale light of a Paris afternoon, 2008

Monolithi Beach in my hometown Preveza, Western Greece

Vikos Gorge, One of the deepest Canyons in the World

Mountain Range of Pindos, North Western Greece

Me and my firend Nicos Mantousis

Summer 2008, in the Zagori village of Dikorfo (Twin Peaks), Pindos Mountain Range, North Western Greece

Against the background of stunning Milos Beach

The Island of Lefkas, Summer 2008

Aghios Nikitas

Island of Lefkas, Summer 2008

The village of Fiskardo

Island of Kefalonia, Summer 2009

The village of Agia Efimia

Island of Kefalonia, Summer 2009

Legendary Pelion, The Mount of Centaurs, washed into the sea

South Pelion, Summer 2009

More than 1000 years

Mount Pelion, Summer 2009

Traditional Architecture, The Vilage of Vizitsa

Mount Pelion, Summer 2009

The Vilage of Pinakates

Mount Pelion, Summer 2009

Mount Pelion, Central-East Greece

The Zagori Village of Monodentri

Pindos Mountain Range, North Western Greece, 2009

Nicos Mantousis, his wife Tina, his daughter Lida and me

in the square of the Zagori Village of Vitsa, Summer 2009

Central Athens seen from the Ancient Acropolis

In the north east of the picture the remains of the Temple of Zeus and at the centre the Gate of Adrian


Ancient Acropolis of Athens

Without Words

Summer 2009

The Ruins of the Temple of Zeus, in Central Athens

Only 16 of the 72 columns of the Temple remain

The Neoclassic Palace of Zappeion, Central Athens

Summer 2009

Stockholm in November, The Town Hall

San Giorgio, Venice