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B1. Kallinikos, J., 1984
Control and Influence Relationships in MNCs. Uppsala: Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Oeconomiae Negotiorum, 19 (distributed by Almqvist and Wiksell).

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Technology and Society: Interdisciplinary Studies in Formal Organization. Munich: Accedo.

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Cognitive Foundations of Economic Institutions. School of Business: Stockholm University.

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The Age of Flexibility: Managing Organizations and Technology. Lund: Academia-Adacta.

B6. 2006                                                                                           
The Consequences of Information: Institutional Implications of Technological Change
. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

B7. 2011
Governing Through Technology: Information Artefacts and Social Practice, Palgrave, 2011


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E1. Kallinikos, J. and Cooper, R. (eds), 1996, Writing, Rationality and Organization, Special Issue, Scandinavian Journal of Management 12:1.

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Articles in Journals

J1. 1992
"The Significations of Machines," Scandinavian Journal of Management, 8/1 113-132.

J2. 1992
"Digital Songs: Aspects of Contemporary Work and Life," Systems Practice,
5/4: 457-472.

J3. 1995
"The Archi-tecture of the Invisible: Technology is Representation," Organization, 2/1: 117-140.

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"Cognitive Foundations of Economic Institutions: Markets, Organizations and Networks Revisited," Scandinavian Journal of Management, 11/2: 119-137.

J5. 1996
"Predictable Worlds: On Writing, Accountability and Other Things," Scandinavian Journal of Management, 12/1: 9-25.

J6. 1997a
"Science, Knowledge and Society: The Postmodern Condition Revisited," Organization, 4/1: 114-129.

J7. 1997b
"Economic Governance and Social Values: The Case of a Major Housing Project," Scandinavian Housing and Planning Research, 14/1: 7-25

J8. 1998
"Organized Complexity: Posthumanist Remarks on the Technologizing of Intelligence," Organization, 5/3: 373-395.

J9. 1999
"Computer-Based Technology and the Constitution of Work: A Study on the Cognitive Foundations of Work," Accounting, Management and Information Technologies, 9/4: 261-291.

J10.  2000,
"The Process of Institutionalization: A Critique and Reappraisal of New Institutionalism in Organization Studies," Organization Studies  21/4:197-220 (with Hans Hasselbladh).

J11. 2003
Work, Human Agency and Organization Forms: An Anatomy of Fragmentation, Organization Studies, 23/4: 595-618.

J12. 2003,
"Technology and Virtuality: The Cognitive Transformation of Contemporary Life," Review of Economic Science, 2/1: 5-16 (in Greek).

J13. 2003
"Mediated Action and Communication: On the Vicissitudes of Human Signification," Homo Oeconomicus, 19/4: 607-621.

J14. 2004
The Social Foundations of the Bureaucratic Order, Organization, 11/1 :13-36.

J15 2004
Deconstructing information packages, Information Technology and People, 17/1: 8-30.

J16. 2005
"The Order of Technology: Complexity and Control in a Connected World," Information and Organization, 15/3: 185-202.

J17. 2006 
"Information out of Information: On the Self-Referential Dynamics of Information Growth," Information Technology and People, 19/1: 98-115.

J18. 2006 
"The Institution of Bureaucracy: Administration, Pluralism, Democracy," Economy and Society, 35/4: 611-627.

J19. 2009 
"On the Computational Rendition of Reality," Organization, 16/2: 183-202.

J20. 2009 
"Work, Control and Computation: Rethinking the Legacy of Neo-Institutionalism," Research in the Sociology of Organizations (annual), 27: 241-267 (with Hans Hasselbladh).

J21. 2009 
"Making of Ephemeria: On the Shortening Life Spans of Information," The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, 4/3:227-236.

J22. 2009 
 “D’un soi émietté. Remarques sur la technologie et l’individualité,Cités (French Philosophical Journal of wide circulation) 39: 13-26.

J23. 2010 
"A Theory of Digital Objects," First Monday, 15/6 (with Attila Marton and  Aleksi Aaltonen).

24. 2011 
Video as Digital Object: Production and Distribution of Video Content in the Internet Media Ecosystem”, The Information Society, 27/5: 281-294 (with Jose-Carlos Mariategui).

25. 2013 
Coordination and learning in Wikipedia: Revisiting the Dynamics of Exploitation and Exploration”, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 37: 161-192 (with Aleksi Aaltonen).

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Review Articles in Journals

R1. Kallinikos, J., 1995b,
Review of "Epistemology and Cognition", Fetzer, J.-H. (ed.), Systems Practice, 8/ 2: 235-242.

R2. 1998,
People and Systems: review of "With the Eye of the Observer: Description and Design of Social Organizations" by Ioanna Tsivacou, Greek Review of Political Science, 11/2: 155-168 (in Greek).

R3. 1998
The Rationalization Process as an Institution: review of "Institutions and Organizations" by Richard Scott, Greek Review of Administrative Science 4: 265-276. (in Greek).

R4. 2002
Review of “Rewriting Entrepreneurship”, Journal of Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, 15/2: 289-294.

R5. 2003
Review of "Modernity and Technology", edited by Misa, T., Brey, P. and Feenberg, A., British Journal of Sociology 54/4: 605-606

R6. 2006
Review of "Representing Organization: Knowledge, Management and the Information Age", by Lilley, S. Lightfoot, G. and Amaral, P. Information Technology and People 19/4: 390-393.

R7. 2009
Review of
“Software and Organisations: The Biography of the Enterprise-Wide System or How SAP Conquered the World” by Pollock, N. and Williams, R., Organization Studies, 30/8: 912-916.


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Book Chapters

C1 Kallinikos, J., 1989
"Play and Organizations," in Operational Research and the Social Sciences, Jackson, M.C., Keys, P. & Cropper, S.A. (eds.). New York: Plenum Press, pp. 709-714.

C2. 1993
"Identity, Recursiveness and Change: Semiotics and Beyond," in Tracing the Semiotic Boundaries of Politics, Ahonen, P. (ed.). Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, pp. 257-279.

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"The Age of Information: Texts and Sub-Jects in the Postindustrial Con-Text," in Action and System,in Tsivacou, I. (ed.), Athens, Themelio, pp. 17-74. (in Greek)

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"Mapping the Intellectual Terrain of Management Education," in Critical Essays in Management Education, C. Grey & French, R. (eds.), London: Sage, pp. 36-53.

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"Utilities, Toys and Make-Believe: Remarks on The Instrumental Experience," in  In the Realm of Organization: Essays for Robert Cooper, R. Chia (ed.), London: Routledge, pp. 163-188

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"Interview with Robert Cooper," in R. Chia (ed.), In the Realm of Organization: Essays for Robert Cooper. London: Routledge, pp. 131-177.

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"Virtualitet och nya former foer organiserande (Virtuality and New forms of Organizing)",  Ledning av foeretag och foervaltningar, in  Stockholm: SNS foerlag, pp. 281-309.

C8 2004
"Farewell to Constructivism: Technology and Context-Embedded Action," in  The Social Study of Information and Communication Technology, Avgerou, C., Ciborra, C. & Land, F (eds), Oxford: Oxford University Press.

C9 2005.
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C10  2007
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C14  2009
"Institutional Complexity and Functional Simplification: The Case of Money Claim Online in England and Wales,” in ICT and Innovation in the Public Sector: European Studies in the Making of the E-Government, Contini, F. and Lanzara, G. F. (eds), New York: Palgrave, pp. 174-210.

C15  2009
The Regulative Regime of Technology,” in ICT and Innovation in the Public Sector: European Studies in the Making of the E-Government, Contini, F. and Lanzara, G. F. (eds), New York: Palgrave, New York: Palgrave, pp. 66-87.

C16  2010
Technology, Agency and Community: The Case of Modding in World of Warcarft," in Industrial Informatics Design, Use and Innovation: Perspectives and Services, Holmström, J., Wiberg, M. and Lund, A. (eds), New York: Information Science Reference (IGI Global, pp. 174-186 (with Bonnie Nardi). 

C17   2010
Smart Machines," in Encyclopedia of Software Engineering, 1: 1, 1097- 1103.

C18   2011
Bureaucracy Under Siege: On Information, Collaboration and Networks," in Managing Modernity: Beyond Bureaucracy? S. Clegg, M. Harris and Höpfl (eds). Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 130-153.

C19   2011 
“Technology and Accountability: Autonomic Computing and Human Agency,” in Law, Human Agency and Autonomic Computing: The Philosophy of Law meets the Philosophy of Technology, Hildebrandt, M. and Rouvroy, A. (eds). London: Routledge, pp.161-178.

C20   2012 
“Knowing and Living as data Assembly" in Phenomenology, Organizational Politics and IT Design: The Social Study of Information Systems, Viscusi, G., Campangolo G.M. and Curzi, Y. (eds), IGI Global.

 C21   2012 
“The Challenge of Materiality: Origins, Scope, and Prospects" in  Materiality and Organizing: Social Interaction in a Technological World, Leonardi, P.M, Nardi, B.A. and Kallinikos, J. (eds). Oxford: Oxford University Press (with Leonardi, P.M and Nardi, B.A)

C22   2012 
“Form, Function and Matter: Crossing the Border of Materiality" in  Materiality and Organizing: Social Interaction in a Technological World, Leonardi, P.M, Nardi, B.A. and Kallinikos, J. (eds). Oxford: Oxford University Press.


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Other Publications

O1. Kallinikos, J., 1986
Bureaucracy and Organizational Culture: A Dialectical View, Working Paper Series, 1986/1. Uppsala: Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University.

O2. 1987a
Symbolic Aspects of Groups and Organizations: A Psychoanalytic Exploration, Working Paper Series, 1987/4. Uppsala: Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University.

O3. 1987b
Typologies and Organization Theory: A Critical Appraisal, Working Paper Series, 1987/8. Uppsala: Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University.

O4. 1989
Networks as Webs of Signification, Working Paper Series, 1989/5. Uppsala: Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University.

O5. 1990
Techniques of Notation and Behaviour: Remarks on Elementary Forms of Organization, Working Paper Series, 1990/9, Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University.

O6. 1993a
Epistemologies of Regulation and Accomplishment: Markets and Organizations Revisited, Research Paper: 1993:7, School of Business, Stockholm University.

O7. 1933b
Remistifying Instrumental Action: On Play and Instrumentality, Working Paper 1993:1, School of Business, Stockholm University.

08. 1995
Economic Governance and Social Values, Research Paper 1995:7. School of Business, Stockholm University.


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Refereed Conferences and Workshops

X1. Kallinikos, J., 1991,
Technologies of Notation: Representation, Governance and Control, presented
in the conference Management as an Author, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Holland, 7-10 January 1991.

X2. 1992,
Decontextualized Accomplishment: Technology is Representation, presented in the conference Technologies of Representation: Organizational and Institutional Aspects, 16-18 December, Warwick University, England.

X3. 1994,
Predictable Worlds: On Writing, Rationality and Organization, presented in the conference on Writing, Rationality and Organization, March 21-22, 1994, EIASM, Brussels (Convened and presided by Jannis Kallinikos and Robert Cooper).

X4. 1995
Information Technology as an Agent of Change: Deterritorialization, Virtuality and Accountability in the Digital Age, Proceedings of the 13 Nordic Conference
in Business Administration
, Volume II, Kopenhangen, 14-16 August, 1995.

X5. 1996
The Colour of Intelligent Objects: Remarks on Cognitive Science and Technology, presented in the international workshop on Technology and Knowledge, University of Crete, Rethymnon, 17-18 October 1996.

X6. 1997
Informationsteknologi: En historisk rekonstruktion, Plenary Talk at the Information Technology and Value Creation, School of Business, University of Umea, Sweden and Swedish Telecom, 19 November 1997 (in Swedish)

X7. 1998
Learning and Institutional Reformation, in Reforming the State, Ministry of the Interior, Delfi 19-20 November, 1998 (in Greek).

X8. Kallinikos, J. & Mafredas, S., 1999
Implementing Integrated Information Systems for Logistics: Behavioural and Organizational Requirements, Proceedings of the 4o Greek Conference for Logistics, SOLE, Athens 24-25 September, 1999 (in Greek).

X9. Kallinikos, J., 2000,
Individualization and Otherness: A Critical Examination of Anthropological Assumptions in Organization Studies, 18th SCOS conference (www.scos.org), Athens, 5-9 July, 2000.

X10. 2001
Rethinking Bureaucracy: Exploring Organization Forms in the Age of the Contingency, 17th EGOS Colloquium, The Odyssey of Organizing, Lyon, 5-8 July, 2001.

X11. 2002
The Institutional Embeddedness of Labour Contracts: Remarks on the Transformations of Work, 18th EGOS Conference, Organizational Politics and the Politics of Organizations, Barcelona, 4-7 July 2002.

X12. Kallinikos, J., 2002,
Reopening the Black Box of Technology Artifacts and Human Agency, 23rd International Conference on Information Systems, Barcelona, 15-18 December 2002

X13. 2003
Kallinikos, J. (2003a) Networks as Alternative Forms of Organization: Some Critical Remarks, 11th European Conference in Information Systems, New Paradigms in Organizations, Markets and Society, Napoli, 16-21 June, 2003

X14. Kallinikos, J. and Hasselbaldh, H. (2003)
Employment Regimes and Organizational Forms: Organizational Change at the Close of Modernity, 19th EGOS Colloquium, Organizational Analysis Informing Social and Global Development, 3-5 July 2003, Accepted on Extended Abstract.

X15. Kallinikos, J., 2003,
Electronic Transactivity And Networks Prospects, Problems, Questions, 3rd Critical Management Studies Conference, Lancaster,UK 7-9 July 2003

X16. Voutsina, K., Kallinikos, J. and Sorensen, C., 2007                                                                                                Codification and Transferability of IT Knowledge, 15 European Conference on Information Systems, St. Gallen, Switzerland, 7-9, June. 

X17. Nardi, B. and Kallinikos, J., 2007                                                                                                                                 Opening the Black Box of Digital Technologies,  23rd EGOS Colloquium, Beyond Waltz: Dances of Individuals and Organizations, Vienna, 5-7 July 2007.

X18. Kallinikos, J. and Mariategui, J-C., 2007                                                                                                                                 Video Production and Distribution in the Age of the Internet, 24th EGOS Colloquium, Upsetting Organization, Amsterdam, 7-10 July.

X19 Kallinikos, J., Hasselbladh, H. and Marton, A., 2010                                                                                                  Governing Social Practice: Technology Versus Institutions,  Governing Social Practice: Technology Versus Institutions, 26th EGOS Colloquium, Waves of Globalization, Lisbon, 29 June-3 July.


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Invited Conferences and Workshops

I1. 1996,
The Colour of Intelligent Objects: Remarks on Cognitive Science and Technology, Technology and Knowledge: Sociological and Philosophical Explorations, University of Crete, Rethymnon, 17-18 October 1996.

I2 1999a,
Towards Civil Society: Organizational and Cultural Requirements for Reforming the Public Sector, The New Model of Administering the Archipelago, Serifo?, Greece, 17-18 ?pril1999, Ministry of the Aegean (in Greek).

I3. 1999b,
Managing Hospitals, Plenary Talk in the Workshop on Logistics Information Systems in Health Care, Chamber of Commerce and SOLE, Thessaloniki Chapter, June 3, 1999 (in Greek).

I4. 2003
Working and Living: Personal Identity as Patchwork, Workshop on Organizational Identity, 8-9 April 2003, Ross Priory, Management School, Strathclyde University.

I5. 2004
Farewell to Constructivism: Artefacts and Human Agency, New Forms of Mediated Agency Symposium 13, 1 February 2004, Center for Activity Theory and Developmental Work Research, Helsinki.

I6. 2004
Living on Ephemeria: The Shortening Life Spans of Information, 8th Social Study of Information Technology Forum,  London, LSE, http://www.lse.ac.uk/collections/informationSystems/newsAndEvents/2008events/SSIT8/kallinikos.pdf