Zhuan Khye (Cedric) Koh

Email: z [dot] koh3 [at] lse.ac.uk

I am a PhD student in Mathematics at the London School of Economics, where I am advised by László Végh and Giacomo Zambelli. Previously, I was a research assistant in the Department of Combinatorics and Optimization at the University of Waterloo, working under the supervision of Laura Sanità. I received my BMath and MMath degrees from the University of Waterloo.

My research interests include Approximation Algorithms, Algorithmic Game Theory, Combinatorial Optimization and more.


An Efficient Characterization of Submodular Spanning Tree Games [arXiv]
(with Laura Sanità)
IPCO 2019

Stabilizing Weighted Graphs [arXiv] [video]
(with Laura Sanità)
Accepted to Mathematics of Operations Research, 2019.
Conference version: ICALP 2018.


Masters Thesis: Stabilizing Weighted Graphs