Work in progress

Is Impatience impacted by Natural disasters?, (with K. Molnar, C. Rondinelli and Po Yin Wong)

Understanding permanent migration as a response to natural disasters and climate shocks: the role of social networks, (with E. Arenas-Arroyo, C. Gennaioli and S. Lovo)

Working papers

Economic growth and deforestation, (with J. Herzberg and T. Harding), updated March 2018

To Build or not to Build? Capital Stocks and Climate Policy, (with E. Baldwin and Y. Cai), updated January 2018

The effects of land use regulation on deforestation: evidence from the Brazilian Amazon, (with L. Anderson, S. De Martino, T. Harding and A. Lima), updated April 2016

The Price vs Quantity debate: climate policy and the role of business cycles, (with Anna Grodecka), updated October 2015


Characterising green employment: The impacts of ‘greening’ on workforce composition, (with A. Bowen and E. Tipoe), Energy Economics,   2018, 72, 263 – 275

Environmental taxation, employment and public spending in developing countries, Environmental and Resource Economics,  forthcoming

Unemployment, rural-urban migration and environmental regulation, Review of Development Economics,   2018, 22(2), 507 – 539

Windfalls, Structural Transformation and Specialization, (with Radek Stefanski), Journal of International Economics,   2013, 90(2), 273 – 301

Optimal fiscal policy and different degrees of access to international capital markets, Journal of Development Economics,   2013, 103, 336 – 352.

Inflation persistence and exchange rate regime: Implications for dynamic adjustment to shocks in a small open economy, Journal of Macroeconomics,   2011, 33(2), 193 – 205.

Shocks to Terms of Trade and Risk-premium in an Intertemporal Model: The Dutch Disease and a Dutch Party, (with David Vines), Open Economies Review, 2008, 19(3), 277 – 303.

Energy and the environment in Kazakhstan, Energy Policy,  (with Carol Dahl), 2001, 29(6), 429 – 440. .

Book chapters

"Kazakhstan: public saving and private investment",  (with Akram Esanov), in Plundered Nations? Successes and Failures in Natural Resource Extraction, 2011, (eds.) Paul Collier and Anthony J. Venables, Palgrave Macmillan.

Policy reports, commentaries

How many green jobs are there in the US?, May 2018

Looking for green jobs: the impact of green growth on employment, with Alex Bowen, March 2015