Job creation for inclusive growth in cities

With Andy Pike, Danny Mackinnon, Louise Kempton and Yohan Iddawela

Joseph Rowntree Foundation


The innovation debt penalty: Cost of debt, loan default and the effects of a public loan guarantee on high-tech firms

With Elisa Ughetto and Marc Cowling

Technological Forecasting and Social Change


Innovation, SMEs and the liability of distance: the demand and supply of bank funding in peripheral UK regions

With Ross Brown

Journal of Economic Geography




Psychology and the geography of innovation

Economic Geography


Is there trickle-down from tech? Poverty, employment, and the high-technology multiplier in US cities

With Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

Annals of the Association of American Geographers


Inclusive growth? The relationship between economic growth and poverty in British cities

With Paul Sissons

Environment & Planning A


Powerhouse of cards? Understanding the Northern Powerhouse

Regional Studies

Presentation here


The geography of wage inequality in British cities

With Paul Sissons & Katy Jones

Regional Studies


Place-biased technological change: A review and framework

Presentation here.


Modes of firm growth

Enterprise Research Centre Research Paper 46

With Ross Brown & Theresa Schlueter


Social disadvantage and place

Chapter in Hartley Dean & Lucinda Platt, Social Advantage and Disadvantage




Access to finance for innovative SMEs since the financial crisis

With Hiba Sameen & Marc Cowling

Research Policy

Previous version: DRUID Conference Paper.

Coverage: FT (£), Telegraph, Guardian, Research Fortnight, LSE Policy and Politics


Barriers faced by digital economy firms

Submission to the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee.


Youth unemployment, churn and stalled careers: The youth labour market in the recession

Presentation at the Journal of Youth Studies Conference




Migrant and ethnic diversity, cities and innovation: Firm effects or city effects?

Journal of Economic Geography

Previous version: SERC Discussion Paper, 144


Funding issues confronting high growth SMEs in the UK

With Ross Brown

Report for ICAS, Edinburgh


Cities, growth and poverty: A review of the evidence

With Paul Sissons, Ceri Hughes, Anne Green, Gaby Atfield, Duncan Adam & Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

Report for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Summary available here.

Evidence papers available here.


Creativity, cities and innovation

With Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

Environment and Planning A

NESTA working paper here

Coverage: Atlantic Cities, VOX EU, World Economic Forum and the BOP blog


The creative industries and urban economic growth in the UK

Environment and Planning A


Do SMEs in deprived areas find it harder to access finance? Evidence from the UK Small Business Survey

With Emma Drever

Entrepreneurship & Regional Development





Innovation and spatial inequality in Europe and United States

With Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

Journal of Economic Geography

CEPR version here


Cultural diversity, innovation and entrepreneurship: Firm level evidence from London

With Max Nathan

Economic Geography

SERC version here


What holds back high growth firms? Evidence from UK SMEs

Small Business Economics

Based on this report and summary for NESTA


Original innovation, learnt innovation and cities: Evidence from UK SMEs

With Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

Urban Studies

Working paper here

Coverage in Atlantic Cities here


The City and the cities: Finance, ownership and the geography of recession

With Will Hutton

Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society




Grim down south? The determinants of unemployment increases in British cities in the 2008/9 recession

Regional Studies


Place, sorting effects and SMEs in deprived areas: Different problems or different firms?

With Marc Cowling.

International Small Business Journal.

Summary on The Work Foundation blog here


Creative industries, creative occupations and innovation in London

With Emma Drever

European Planning Studies




Are innovative regions more unequal? Evidence from Europe

Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy


Ethnic diversity and employment growth in English cities

Urban Studies








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