Dr Thomas Lidbetter

Visiting Fellow

Department of Mathematics
London School of Economics

Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE, United Kingdom
E-mail: t.r.lidbetter@lse.ac.uk


I am also an assistant professor in the Department of Management Science and Information Systems in Rutgers Business School.


Research Interests


Search theory and algorithms, game theory, discrete optimisation, scheduling, mathematical biology.





2019 Rutgers Business School Junior Faculty Research Excellence Award


2016 LSE Teaching and Learning Centre Teaching Prize


2013 Doctoral Dissertation Award for the most distinguished body of research leading to a doctorate in the field of Operational Research, from UK OR Society


2013 Mathematics Class Teacher Prize, LSE Department of Mathematics





2009-2013, PhD in Department of Mathematics, LSE

PhD supervisor: Steve Alpern

Second supervisor: Bernhard von Stengel

Thesis: Hide-and-seek and other Search Games


2007-2009, MSc in Operational Research, LSE

Dissertation: Using data mining techniques to analyse a large financial dataset


2004-2005, MMath in Mathematics, University of Cambridge


2001-2004, MA in Mathematics, University of Cambridge



Journal Articles


Fokkink, R., Lidbetter T. and Vgh, L. (2019) On Submodular Search and Machine Scheduling, Mathematics of Operations Research, 44(4):1145-1509


Hellerstein, L., Lidbetter, T. and Pirutinsky, D. (2019) Solving Zero-sum Games using Best Response Oracles with Applications to Search Games, Operations Research, 67(3):731-743


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Alpern, S. and Lidbetter, T. (2019) Approximate solutions for Expanding Search on General Networks, Annals of Operations Research, 275(2):259-279


Bonato, A. and Lidbetter, T. (2018) Bounds on the Burning Numbers of Spiders and Path-Forests, Theoretical Computer Science, 794:12-19


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Alpern, S., Fokkink, R., Lidbetter, T. and Clayton, N. (2012) A Search Game model of the Scatter Hoarder's problem. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 9(70):869-879



Working papers


Agnetis, A. and Lidbetter, T. List Scheduling is 0.8531-Approximate for Scheduling Unreliable Jobs on m Parallel Machines (in review)


Alpern, S. and Lidbetter, T. Search and Delivery Man Problems: When are Depth-first Paths Optimal? (in review)


Lidbetter, T. Search and Rescue in the Face of Uncertain Threats (in review)


Lidbetter, T. and Lin, K. A Search Game on a Hypergraph with Booby Traps (in review)


Angelopoulos, S. and Lidbetter T. Competitive Search in a Network (in review)



Book Chapters

Lidbetter, T. (2013) Search Games for an Immobile Hider. Fokkink, R. et al (ed.) Search Theory: A Game Theoretic Approach



Conference Proceedings


Alpern, S., Lidbetter, T., Morton, A., Papadaki, K. (2016) Patrolling a Pipeline. In International Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security 2016, 129-138, Springer International Publishing.


Angelopoulos S., Drr, C. and Lidbetter, T. (2016) The expanding search ratio of a graph. In The 33rd International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (STACS), 2016.


Alpern, S.,  Fokkink, R., Op Den Kelder, J. and Lidbetter, T. (2010) Disperse or unite? A mathematical model of coordinated attack.  In Decision and Game Theory for Security - First International Conference, GameSec 2010, Berlin, Germany, November 22-23, 2010. Proceedings; 01/2010



Previous employment


2013-2016, LSE Fellow

2011-2013, Graduate teaching assistant, LSE

2009-2011, Operational Research Analyst, Home Office (UK Civil Service)