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Professional Profile

Co-Director, State Effectiveness Programme at the International Growth Centre

Research Affiliate, CEPR

Research Fellow, BREAD

Faculty Research Fellow, NBER

Associate, ThReD

Director of Master in Public Administration, Institute of Public Affairs.

Gerard Padró i Miquel




Professor in Economics

London School of Economics


Lecturer (Assistant Professor with Tenure) in Economics

London School of Economics


Assistant Professor of Political Economy, Graduate School of Business

Stanford University




Journal of Development Economics


Associate Editor

Review of Economic Studies


Associate Editor

Journal of the European Economic Association


Associate Editor

Journal of Development Economics

Published research

June 2012

Selective Trials: A Principal-Agent approach to Randomized Control Trials

With Sylvain Chassang and Erik Snowberg, American Economic Review 102(4): 1279-1309, June 2012. (BREAD working paper here, CEPR discussion paper version here, NBER working paper version here).

June 2012

A Political Economy Theory of Partial Decentralization

With John W Hatfield, Journal of the European Economic Association 10(3): 605-633, June 2012. (NBER working paper version here).

May 2012

The Political Economy of Indirect Control

With Pierre Yared, Quarterly Journal of Economics 127(2): 947-1015, May 2012. (NBER working paper version here).

January 2012

The Lesser Evil: Executive Accountability with Partisan Supporters

With Erik Snowberg, Journal of Theoretical Politics 24(1): 19-45, January 2012.

July 2011

Foreign Influence and Welfare

With Pol Antràs, Journal of International Economics 84(2): 135-148, July 2011. (NBER working paper version here).

November 2010

Conflict and Deterrence under Strategic Risk

With Sylvain Chassang, Quarterly Journal of Economics 125(4): 1821-1858, November 2010. (NBER working paper version here).

April-May 2010

Savings and Predation

With Sylvain Chassang, Journal of the European Economic Association P&P 8(2-3): 645-654, April-May 2010.

October 2009

Economic Shocks and Civil War

With Sylvain Chassang, Quarterly Journal of Political Science 4(3): 211-228, October 2009.

May 2009

Defensive Weapons and Defensive Alliances

With Sylvain Chassang, American Economic Review P&P 99(2): 282-286, May 2009.

October 2007

The Control of Politicians in Divided Societies: The Politics of Fear

Review of Economic Studies 74(4): 1259-1274, October 2007. (Longer NBER Working Paper version here).

August 2006

Legislative Effectiveness and Legislative Life

With James M Snyder, Legislative Studies Quarterly 31(3): 347-381, August 2006.