• Ph.D. Candidate, LSE
  • M.A., University of Toronto, 2014
  • Fields: Urban Economics, Development Economics


Currently at the LSE, Tanner researches the development of cities in low income countries and East African cities in particular. One strand of focus is on the interaction of land tenure and planning with urban development and construction. Another is on strengthening revenue collection for urban public services.

Before starting his PhD, Tanner worked as a research assistant at the Urban and Spatial Programme at LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance. Here he studied the role of slums in shaping the built environment of African cities as part of the Urbanisation in Developing Countries Programme funded by the World Bank.

Tanner holds a MA in Economics from the University of Toronto, where he worked on the evolution of land use in the United States. Prior to that he received a BSc with honours in Environmental Science and Economics from the same institution.