Blog posts

  • Technology and property tax: Raising city revenue in Kampala (with Priya Manwaring)
    • Recent technology has proved effective in expanding the city’s tax base but requires up to date data and is no substitute for supportive policy and legislation.
  • Building the city
    • A large share of a nation’s capital stock is in its buildings. Kenya’s largest city, Nairobi, is rapidly reconfiguring its built capital and doing so in astonishing quantities – a process that comes overwhelmingly with issues of land market informality.
  • Measuring economic outcomes from Very High Resolution imagery
    • The world is routinely photographed from space on a vast scale. This abundant source of information can help answer economic questions that have been, until now, hindered by a lack of suitable data. How can economists put highly detailed daytime photographs to use?

Presentations of my work

  • Building the city presented at Geo4Dev, Berkeley, USA, September 2017
  • Planning ahead for better neighbourhoods presented at SERC, London, UK, May 2017