Presentations of my work

  • Building the city presented at Geo4Dev, Berkeley, USA, September 2017
  • Planning ahead for better neighbourhoods presented at SERC, London, UK, May 2017

Blog posts

  • Productivity and Urban Form (with Vernon Henderson and Sebastian Kriticos)
    • Sub-Saharan Africa has experienced massive urban population growth over the past half century, dramatically reshaping the spatial and social profile of the region. Simultaneously, the process has challenged the conventional view that urbanisation and economic transformation go hand in hand.
  • Building the city
    • A large share of a nation’s capital stock is in its buildings. Kenya’s largest city, Nairobi, is rapidly reconfiguring its built capital and doing so in astonishing quantities – a process that comes overwhelmingly with issues of land market informality. Interesting questions arise in such a context...
  • Measuring economic outcomes from Very High Resolution imagery
    • The world is routinely photographed from space on a vast scale. This abundant source of information can help answer economic questions that have been, until now, hindered by a lack of suitable data. How can economists put highly detailed daytime photographs to use?