Historical Data
Albrecht Ritschl
Professor of Economic History
London School of Economics

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Historical time series on inter-war Germany

Appendix data from my book on German interwar history
Annual and quarterly data on national accounts, employment, capital stock, money, prices, etc.
Historical foreign trade and national income data
Data from Ritschl and Wolf (2004)
Foreign trade, national income, and geography variables for 1928, 1935, and 1938

NBER Macroeconomic History Database

The classical source for monthly and quarterly data on the pre-WWI and inter-war period. Totaling over 3000 (or so) series. Mostly for the U.S., some entries for Britain, France, and Germany.

Contemporary and Post-War U.S.

Panel Study of Income Dynamics U.S. longitudinal household survey
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Labor, demographical, and price statistics for the U.S., with some long series.
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis Also includes national income and product accounts back to 1929.
Federal Reserve Board U.S. and international monetary and financial data

Contemporary and Post-War International

Statistical Data Locators Comprehensive collection of international statistical sources from statistical offices etc.
Penn World Tables 5.6 The Heston/Summers data set for international GNP comparisons from 1950 onwards.
Maddison Data Set / GGDC Total Economy Database International historical time series on GNP and population from 1950 onwards. Based largely on Maddison data set.

Truly Long-Term Historical Data

Global Financial Data Commercial provider. Abundant supply of long-term series, but have your credit card ready. Some series are provided for free.

Albrecht Ritschl, Nov. 30, 2007