The Long Run Economic Consequences of High-Stakes Examinations: Evidence from Transitory Variation in Pollution
Joint with Avraham Ebenstein and Victor Lavy.
( American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2016)
Work in Progress (Completed Papers)
The Effect of Indoor Air Pollution on Cognitive Performance: Evidence from the UK
Revisions Requested, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (JEEM)
Crime is in the Air: The Contemporaneous Relationship between Air Pollution and Crime
Joint with Malvina Bondy and Lutz Sager
Do Students Work Harder if University Costs More?
Joint with Parama Chaudhury and Lorenzo Lotti
The Impact of Short-Term Exposure to Ambient Air Pollution on Cognitive Performance and Human Capital Formation
Joint with Avraham Ebenstein and Victor Lavy. NBER Working Paper 20648
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Pollution and exams: Trouble with tests
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How random events during standardized tests affect your scores and future income
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How Air Quality Can Sink Student Test Scores
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Random Events May Have Ripple Effect on Students' Test-Taking and Their Lives: Study