PhD Supervision


Luciano Ciravegna (2008) Collaboration in the Costa Rican electronic cluster

o   click here for Luciano's staff webpage at Kings College London.

Javier Diaz-Cassou (2013) The Causes and Consequences of IMF interventions in the Southern Cone

Stella Cridge (2009) Explaining heterogeneous performance in Pakistan's textile industry during trade liberalisation (1990-2007)

Chris Humphrey (2013) The Business of Development: The Impact of Financial Imperatives on the Activities of Multilateral Development Banks

o   click here for Chris's staff webpage at the University of Zurich

Ivor Jones (2015) Open or Closed? The politics of software licensing in Argentina and Brazil

Ralf Leiteritz (2010) Sustaining Open Capital Accounts. International Norms and Domestic Institutions: A Comparison between Peru and Colombia [co-supervised with Robert Wade]

o   click here for Ralf's staff webpage at the Universidad del Rosario in Bogota.

Alexandra Mallett (2010) Technology adoption, cooperation and trade and competitiveness policies: Re-examining the uptake of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) in urban Latin America using systemic approaches  [co-supervised with Tim Forsyth]

o   click here for Alex's staff webpage at Carleton University in Ottawa.

Nicolas Perrone (2013), The International Investment Regime and Foreign Investors' Rights: Another View of A Popular Story [Law, co-supervision with Andrew Lange]

Antonio Postigo-Angon (2013), Production networks and regionalism in East Asia: Firms and states in the bilateral free trade agreements of Thailand and Malaysia

Bjorn-Soren Gigler (2010) ICT's, Indigenous Communities and Development: Lessons from Bolivia

Mikael Wigell (2011) Democratisation and Social Reform: A Comparative Study of Social Policymaking in Argentina and Chile

o   click here for Mikael's webpage at the The Finnish Institute of International Affairs in Helsinki.


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