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Coalitions and Compliance: The Political Economy of Pharmaceutical Patents in Latin America. (Oxford University Press, 2017). PDF of Table of Contents and Ch1.

Democratization Without Representation: The Politics of Small Industry in Mexico (Penn State University Press, 2004 [paperback 2006]).

Edited Volumes

Intellectual Property, Pharmaceuticals and Public Health: Access to Drugs in Developing Countries, co-edited with Samira Guennif, Alenka Guzman, and N. Lalitha. (Edward Elgar, 2011 [paperback 2013]).

The Politics of Intellectual Property: Contestation over the Ownership, Use, and Control of Knowledge and Information, co-edited with Sebastian Haunss (Edward Elgar, 2009 [paperback 2011]).

The Political Economy of Hemispheric Integration: Responding to Globalization in the Americas, co-edited with Diego Sánchez-Ancochea (Palgrave, 2008).

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Refereed Journal Articles*

*I have included links to abstracts and to the journals' webpages for downloading. If you have difficulty accessing any of these, please send me an email.

Integrating Science, Technology and Health Policies in Brazil: Incremental Change and Public Health Professionals as Reform Agents (with Elize Fonseca and Francisco Bastos), Journal of Latin American Studies (forthcoming, 2018).

Secondary Pharmaceutical Patenting: A Global Perspective (with Bhaven N. Sampat), Research Policy 46, No. 3 (April 2017): 693-707. [download]

Promoting and Regulating Generic Medicines: Brazil in Comparative Perspective” (with Elize Fonseca), Pan American Journal of Public Health 41 (January 2017). [e-print]

Drug patenting in India: looking back and looking forward (with Bhaven N. Sampat), Nature Reviews: Drug Discovery 14 (August 2015): 519-520 [download]

TRIPS Implementation and Secondary Pharmaceutical Patenting in Brazil and India (with Bhaven N. Sampat), Studies in Comparative International Development 50, No. 2 (June 2015): 228-257. [abstract] [download]

Intellectual Property, Access to Medicines, and Health: New Research Horizons (with Nitsan Chorev), Studies in Comparative International Development 50, No. 2 (June 2015): 143-156. [abstract] [download]

Political Trade Dependence and North-South Trade Agreements (with Mark Manger), International Studies Quarterly 58, No. 1 (March 2014): 79-91. [abstract] [download]

Health Policy as Industrial Policy: Brazil in Comparative Perspective (with Elize Fonseca), Politics & Society 41, No. 4 (December 2013): 561-587. [abstract] [download]

The Patent Policy Trilemma, Austrian Journal of Development Studies 29, No. 2 (2013): 87-105.

Challenges to India's Pharmaceutical Patent Laws (with Bhaven N. Sampat and Tahir M. Amin), Science 337 (27 July 2012): 414-415. [full text]

The Mexican Exception: Patents and Innovation Policy in a Non-Conformist and Reluctant Middle Income Country, European Journal of Development Research 24, No. 2 (May 2012): 300-318. [abstract] [download]

The Political Contradictions of Incremental Innovation: Lessons from Pharmaceutical Patent Examination in Brazil, Politics & Society 39, No. 2 (June 2011): 143-174. [abstract] [download]

The Puzzling Politics of Patents and Innovation Policy in Mexico, Law and Business Review of the Americas 16, No. 4 (Fall 2010): 823-838. [abstract] [download]

The Politics of Patents and Drugs in Brazil and Mexico: The Industrial Bases of Health Policies, Comparative Politics 42, No. 1 (October 2009): 41-58. [abstract] [download]

Globalization, Power, and Integration: The Political Economy of Regional and Bilateral Trade Agreements in the Americas, Journal of Development Studies 44, No. 1 (January 2008): 1-20. [abstract] [download]

Policy Space for Intellectual Property Management: Contrasting Multilateral and Regional-Bilateral Arrangements, Econômica10, No. 2 (December 2008): 55-81. [abstract] [download]

The Political Economy of AIDS Treatment: Intellectual Property and the Transformation of Generic Supply, International Studies Quarterly 51, No. 3 (September 2007): 559-581. [abstract] [download]

Intellectual Property, Trade, and Development: Can Foes be Friends? Global Governance 13, No. 2 (April-June 2007): 171-177.

 Exchanging Development for Market Access? Deep Integration and Industrial Policy under Multilateral and Regional-Bilateral Trade Agreements, Review of International Political Economy 12, No. 5 (December 2005): 750-775. [abstract] [download]

The Political Economy of Intellectual Property Protection: The Case of Software (co-authored with Andrew Schrank and Marcus Kurtz), International Studies Quarterly 49, No. 1 (March 2005): 45-71. [abstract] [download]

Patents and Pills, Power and Procedure: The North-South Politics of Public Health in the WTO, Studies in Comparative International Development 39, No. 3 (Fall 2004): 76-108. [abstract] [download]

Challenges to Treatment: The Price-Infrastructure Trap and Access to Medicines, Journal of International Development 16, No. 8 (December 2004): 1169-1180. [abstract] [download]

Orphaned by Democracy: Small Industry in Contemporary Mexico Comparative Politics 35, No. 1 (October 2002): 43-62. [abstract] [download]

Neoliberalism, Corporatism, and Small Business Political Activism in Contemporary Mexico, Latin American Research Review 35, No. 2 (Spring 2000): 73-106. [abstract] [download]

Continuity Amid Change: Democratization, Party Strategies and Economic Policymaking in Mexico, Government and Opposition 34, No. 3 (Summer 1999): 397-419. [abstract] [download]


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Book Chapters

Is AIDS Treatment Sustainable? in Obijiofor Aginam, John Harrington and Peter K. Yu, ed., Global Governance of HIV/AIDS: Intellectual Property and Access to Essential Medicines. Edward Elgar (2013): 29-56.

Las elites, la propiedad intelectual, y la politica de innovacion en Mexico: Hay realmente un proyecto?, in Alejandra Salas-Porras y Matilde Luna L., ed., Quien Gobierna America del Norte? Elites, redes y organizaciones. Editorial SITESA-UNAM (2012):  291-323.

The Politics of Pharmaceutical Patent Examination in Brazil, in Leonardo Burlamaqui, Ana Celia Castro, and Rainer Kattel, ed., Knowledge Governance: Reasserting the Public Interest. Anthem Press (2012): 139-161.

 Intellectual Property for Development in Mexico, in The Future of North American Trade Policy: Lessons from NAFTA. Pardee Center Task Force Report. Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future, Boston University (November 2009): 53-59. [pdf] [español]

Resources, Rules and International Political Economy: The Politics of Development in the WTO, in Sarah Joseph, David Kinley and Jeffrey Waincymer, ed., World Trade Organization and Human Rights: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Edward Elgar (2009): 109-132. [pdf]

Harmonization, Differentiation, and Development: The Case of Intellectual Property in the Global Trading Regime, in Silvia Sacchetti and Roger Sugden, ed., Knowledge in the Development of Economies: Institutional Choices under Globalisation. Edward Elgar (2009): 44-66. [pdf]

Introduction: Rethinking the Politics of Intellectual Property (with Sebastian Haunss), in Sebastian Haunss and Kenneth C. Shadlen, ed., The Politics of Intellectual Property: Contestation over the Ownership, Use, and Control of Knowledge and Information. Edward Elgar (2009): 1-12.

The Post-TRIPS Politics of Patents in Latin America, in Sebastian Haunss and Kenneth C. Shadlen, ed., The Politics of Intellectual Property: Contestation over the Ownership, Use, and Control of Knowledge and Information. Edward Elgar (2009): 13-28.

Introduction: Globalization, Integration and the Political Economy of Development in the Americas (with Diego Sánchez-Ancochea), in Diego Sánchez-Ancochea and Kenneth Shadlen, eds., The Political Economy of Hemispheric Integration: Responding to Globalization in the Americas. New York, Palgrave (2008): 1-23.

Treating AIDS: Intellectual Property, Generic Production, and the Challenge of Stable Supply, in Manmohan Agarwal and Amit Shovon Ray. eds., Globalization and the Millennium Development Goals: Negotiating the Challenge. New Dehli, Social Science Press (2007): 190-214.

Debt, Finance, and the IMF: Three Decades of Debt Crises in Latin America, in South America, Central America and The Caribbean 2007. 15th Edition. London, Europa Publications (2007): 8-12 (previous versions included in the 12th [2004], 13th [2005], and 14th [2006 Editions).

Estrategias Regionales Frente a Estrategias Multilaterales de Integración Económica: El TLCAN en el Contexto de la OMC, in Ana Covarrubias, ed., México en un Mundo Unipolar y Diverso. México: El Colegio de México (2007): 93-127.

Democracia y Representación: Perspectivas Analíticas y Retos Actuales, Conference Proceedings, III National Congress of Political Science and Public Administration (Mexico), Colima, Mexico, September 12-14, 2000 (published 2001).

Elections and Democratization in Mexico: Tax Policy in the 'Opposition' Congress, in Stuart S. Nagel, ed., Handbook of Global Economic Policy. New York, Marcel Dekker (2000): 479-494.

Industrialization and Business Cleavages: Organizational Resources and the Institutional Roots of Business Alliances in Postwar Argentina and Brazil (1950s-70s), in Theodore H. Cohn, Stephen McBride, and John Wiseman, ed., Power in the Global Era: Grounding Globalization. London, Macmillan Press (2000): 67-80.


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Other Publications

The Rise and Fall of 'Prior Consent' in Brazil, The WIPO Journal 3, No. 1 (2012): 103-112 [Special Issue on the Politics of Intellectual Property].

US-Latin America Trade Agreements, Integration & Trade 33 (July-December 2011): 112-114. [part of a Special Section Latin American Trading Blocs, Between Reality and Utopia].

Latin American Trade and Development in the New International Economy (Review Essay), Latin American Research Review 41, No. 3 (October 2006): 210-221. 


Book Reviews

Peter Drahos, The Global Governance of Knowledge: Patent Offices and their Clients (2010). Reviewed in Journal of Development Studies 48, No. 7 (July 2012): 1000-1002.

Duncan Matthews, Intellectual Property, Human Rights and Development: The Role of NGOs and Social Movements (2010). Reviewed in Journal of Development Studies 48, No. 7 (July 2012): 1000-1002.

Justin Malbon and Charles Lawson, eds., Interpreting and Implementing the TRIPS Agreement: Is it Fair? Reviewed in Progress in Development Studies 9, No. 3 (June 2009): 259-261.

Peter P. Houtzager and Mick Moore, eds., Changing Paths: International Development and the New Politics of Inclusion. Reviewed in Journal of Development Studies 42, No. 1(January 2006): 161-162.

Thomas Cottier and Petros C. Mavroidis, eds., Intellectual Property: Trade, Competition, and Sustainable Development. Reviewed in World Economy 27, No. 1 (January 2004): 113-114.


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