Dr Matthew Skellern

Department  of  Health  Policy  and  CEP,  LSE


I am a Fellow in Health Economics in the Department of Health Policy at the London School of Economics.

I am also affiliated to the Productivity and Innovation programme of LSE's Centre for Economic Performance (CEP).

I completed my PhD in the Department of Economics at the London School of Economics in 2014.

My research interests and specialisations are:
• Public economics
• Health economics and health policy
• Public organisation and applied theory
• Environmental economics
• Programme evaluation using non-experimental evidence

Click here to download my recent CEP Discussion Paper on "The Hospital as a Multi-Product Firm: The Effect of Hospital Competition on Value-Added Indicators of Clinical Quality".

Click here to download my 2016 CEP Discussion Paper, co-authored with Zack Cooper and Stephen Gibbons, on
"Does Competition from Private Surgical Centres Improve Public Hospitals’ Performance? Evidence from the English National Health Service".

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Contact Details

Department of Health Policy

London School of Economics

Houghton St, London WC2A 2AE



m.skellern {at} lse.ac.uk