Welcome to my personal web page. I am an economist and a PhD in International Development. My fields of interest are environmental economics, agriculture and land use, and I am trained in both quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis. Most of my current work is in the area of land use change, with a focus on agriculture and livestock production in the Brazilian Amazon, and deforestation. I am also a contributing author to the Brazilian Panel on Climate Change.

PhD in International Development, LSE

Petterson Molina Vale

Contact information

LSE, Houghton Street, London, UK (WC2A 2AE)

Mobile: +44 74 3856 0455

E-mail: p.m.vale@lse.ac.uk

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Fields of academic research

- Environmental / Ecological Economics

   - Climate change

- Agriculture and land use change

   - Cattle ranching and deforestation

- Spatial Econometrics

- Development Studies

- Mixed methods

Working experience

- Post-graduate teaching

- Fieldwork in rural areas in the Amazon

- Local and state-level development planning / policy

- Design and evaluation of community development projects in the Amazon


- Portuguese and Spanish: native

- English and Italian: fluent

- French: intermediate (basic writing)



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2014. The conservation versus production trade-off: does livestock intensification increase deforestation? Evidence from the Brazilian Amazon (LSE Grantham Institute Working Paper)

2012. With Diana Weinhold and Eustáquio Reis, Sustainability in the tropics: does a boom in deforestation lead to a bust in development? (LSE Grantham Institute Working Paper)


2011. With Daniel Caixeta, Cattle intensification in Amazonia (BNDES Working Paper, in Portuguese)



2010. Climate change economic models: Nordhaus x Stern (Master’s dissertation, in Portuguese)


2009. With José Eli da Veiga, Ethics of climate change: historical responsibility, present capacity and sustainability (presented at “Climate change - global risks, challenges and decisions” congress, Copenhagen, and Brazilian Meeting of Ecological Economics, Cuiabá)


2008. Carbon pricing instruments: the hybrid approach (presented at the International Congress of the Ecological Economics Association, Nairobi)