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Associate Professor of Political Science

Department of Government

London School of Economics

London WC2A 2AE, U.K. 


Justice in a Globalized World: A Normative Framework (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011)

Journal Articles

Political Obligation and Content-Independence: What it is and how to test it, Legal Theory (accepted)

On the Natural Duty of Justice in Non-ideal Circumstances: The Moral Demands of Institution-building and Reform, European Journal of Political Theory (online early)

Dignity and Human Rights: A Reconceptualization, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, 37 (4) (2017), 862-885

Freedom as independence (with Christian List), Ethics, 126 (4) (2016), 1043-1074

Proxy battles in just war theory (with Seth Lazar), Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy, 3 (2017), 166-196

What’s Wrong with Being Lonely? Justice, Beneficence, and Meaningful Relationships, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, 90 (1) (2016), 49-69

On the Distinctive Procedural Wrong of Colonialism, Philosophy & Public Affairs, 43 (4) (2015), 312-331

Social Samaritan Justice: When and Why Needy Fellow Citizens Have a Right to Assistance, American Political Science Review, 109 (4) (2015), 735-749

No Global Demos, No Global Democracy? A Systematization and Critique, Perspectives on Politics, 12 (4) (2014), 789-807

Canine Justice: An Associative Account, Political Studies, 62 (1) (2014), 37-52

Justice, Charity, and Disaster Relief: What, if Anything, Is Owed to Haiti, Japan and New Zealand?, American Journal of Political Science, 57 (2) (2013), 491-503

Justice, Disagreement, and Democracy, British Journal of Political Science, 43 (1) (2013), 177-199

Assessing the Global Order: Justice, Legitimacy or Political Justice?, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, 15 (5) (2012), 593-612

Human Rights, Freedom, and Political Authority, Political Theory, 40 (5) (2012), 573-601

Ideal vs. Nonideal Theory: A Conceptual Map, Philosophy Compass, 7 (9) (2012), 654-664

In what Sense Are Human Rights Political?, Political Studies, 60 (1) (2012), 180-194

Coercion and (Global) Justice, American Political Science Review, 105 (1) (2011), 205-220

A Paradigm Shift in Theorizing about Justice? A Critique of Sen, Economics & Philosophy, 27 (3) (2011), 297-315

Global Justice and Practice-Dependence: Conventionalism, Institutionalism, Functionalism, Journal of Political Philosophy, 19 (4) (2011), 399-418

On our Duty to Withhold Aid now to Save more Lives in the Future, Ethics & Global Politics, 4 (2) (2011), 125-134

Egalitarian Challenges to Global Egalitarianism: A Critique (with Christian Barry), Review of International Studies, 35 (3) (2009), 485-512

On the Apparent Paradox of Ideal Theory, Journal of Political Philosophy, 17 (3) (2009), 332-355

On the Meta-Ethical Status of Constructivism: Reflections on G.A. Cohen’s “Facts and Principles” (with Miriam Ronzoni), Politics, Philosophy & Economics, 7 (4) (2008), 403-422

Symposia Contributions

Interactive Justice, the Boundary Problem, and Proportionality (discussion piece on Emanuela Ceva’s Interactive Justice), Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (forthcoming)

Arguing for Assistance-Based Responsibilities: Are Intuitions Enough? (Critical discussion of themes from Barry and Øverland’s book Responding to Global Poverty), Ethics & Global Politics (forthcoming)

On the Value of Constitutions and Judicial Review, Criminal Law and Philosophy, 11 (4) (2017),817-832

On the Justification of Basic Rights (critical commentary on Rainer Forst’s work on basic rights), Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, 45 (3) (2016), 52-63.

Two Pictures of the Global-justice Debate: A Reply to Tan, response to critic, in Law, Ethics and Philosophy, 2 (2014), 219-226

Human Rights and Discourse Theory: Some Critical Remarks, research note on Seyla Benhabib’s Dignity in Adversity, in Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, 17 (6) (2014), 674-680

Kant, Ripstein, and the Circle of Freedom: A Critical Note, European Journal of Philosophy, 20 (3) (2012), 450-459

Chapters in Edited Volumes

Global Justice and the Role of the State: A Critical Survey (with Miriam Ronzoni), in Thom Brooks (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Global Justice (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming), accepted for publication.

The Case for Ideal Theory, in Chris Brown and Robyn Eckersley (eds), The Oxford Handbook of International Political Theory (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018), 664-676.

Human Rights, the Political View, and TNCs: An Exploration, in Tom Campbell and Kylie Bourne (eds), Political and Legal Approaches to Human Rights (London: Routledge 2018), 168-86.

On the Messy “Utopophobia vs Factophobia” Controversy, in Kevin Vallier and Michael Weber (eds), Political Utopias (New York: Oxford University Press, 2017), 11-31.

The Methodology of Political Theory (with Christian List), in H. Cappelen, T. Gendler and J. Hawthorne (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Philosophical Methodology (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2016)

Just War and Global Distributive Justice, in David Held and Pietro Maffettone (eds), Global Political Theory (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2016), 143-57.

Microfinance, Poverty Relief, and Political Justice (with Miriam Ronzoni), in Tom Sorell and Luis Cabrera (eds), Microfinance, Rights and Global Justice (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015), 84-104.

Cosmopolitan Justice and Rightful Enforceability, in Gillian Brock (ed.), Cosmopolitanism versus Non-cosmopolitanism (New York: Oxford University Press, 2013), 92-110.

Costruttivismo e Intuizioni Morali: Un Approccio Integrato (with Miriam Ronzoni), in Carla Bagnoli (ed.), Che Fare? Nuove Prospettive Filosofiche sull’Azione (Roma: Carocci, 2013), ch. 5.

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