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Diana Weinhold



    Diana M. Weinhold

About me:  I'm an Associate Professor of development economics in the Department of International Development at the London School of Economics.  I'm also a co-director of the doctoral research programme in International Development here, and I teach an MSc course on evidence-based policy analysis, "Economic Development Policy I: Applied Policy Analysis for Macroeconomic Development" (DV490), as well as run the quantitative section of the research methods course for MSc students. 

Research interests:  My research interests are primarily in growth, development, environmental and urban economics.

Contact details:

  • Address:  London School of Economics 
    Houghton Street

    London  WC2A 2AE  United Kingdom
  • Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 6331
  • Email: d.weinhold@lse.ac.uk 
  • Room number: CON.710 (Connaught House)

Selected Recent Publications

Journal Articles  

“A comparison of environmental noise pollution policies in the United States, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands using a comprehensive environmental health framework” (with Monica S. Hammer, Yi Fan, Miram Weber, Tracy K. Swinburn, and Richard L. Neitzel). Forthcoming, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 2017

Modelling Land Use, Deforestation, and Policy: A Hybrid Optimisation-Heterogeneous Agent Model with Application to the Bolivian Amazon” (with Lykke Andersen, Ben Groom, Evan Killick, Juan Carlos Ledezma, Charles Palmer).  Forthcoming, Ecological Economics 2017

 ‘Smoking Status and Subjective Well-Being” (first author, with Frank Chaloupka), forthcoming Tobacco Control, 2016

Net Carbon Emissions from Deforestation in Bolivia during 1990-2000 and 2000-2010: Results from a carbon bookkeeping model” (with Lykke Andersen, Anna Sophia Doyle, Susana del Granado, Juan Carlos Ledezma, Agnes Medinaceli, Montserrat Valdivia), forthcoming, PLOS ON

“Boom-Bust Patterns in the Brazilian Amazon” (with Eustaquio Reis and Petterson M. Vale), Global Environmental Change (35)  2015

“Soybeans, Poverty and Inequality in the Brazilian Amazon” (with Eustaquio Reis and Evan Killick), World Development, vol 52, December 2013

“The Happiness Reducing Costs of Noise Pollution,” Journal of Regional Science, vol. 53, no. 2, 2013

A social and ecological assessment of tropical land uses at multiple scales: the Sustainable Amazon Network” (with Toby A. Gardner, et al.) Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 368 (20120166),  April 2013

 "Innovation, Inequality and Intellectual Property Rights" (with Usha Nair-Reichert), World Development, Volume 37, Issue 5, May 2009

 "Valuing future development rights and the costs of conservation easements" (with Kathryn Anderson)  Ecological Economics, Volume 68, Issues 1-2, December 2008

 "Land Use and Transportation Costs in the Brazilian Amazon" (with Eustaquio Reis),  Global Environmental Change vol. 18, issue 1, pp. 54-68, February 2008

 "Correcting for bias when estimating the cost of hospital-acquired infection: an analysis of lower respiratory tract infections in non-surgical patients" (with Nick Graves and Jennifer Roberts) Health Economics  Vol. 14 no. 7, July 2005

 "On the Effect of the Internet on International Trade" (with Caroline L. Freund), Journal of International Economics 62(1) January 2004

 "The Importance of Trade and Geography in the Pattern of Spatial Dependence of Growth Rates" Review of Development Economics, vol. 6 no. 3,  2002

 "The Internet and International Trade in Services" (with Caroline L. Freund), American Economic Review (Papers and Proceedings), vol. 92 no. 2,  May 2002



 The Dynamics of Deforestation and Economic Growth in the Brazilian Amazon, with Clive W.J. Granger, Eustaquio Reis, Lykke Andersen, and Sven Wunder.  Cambridge University Press, December  2002


Current Working Papers


Party affiliation and issue salience: environmental preferences and the 2016 Presidential election (with Charlie Palmer)

Patterns of Class Conflict in the 2016 Presidential Election

Sleep and Health (with Yi Fan)

Sick of Noise: the Health Effects of Loud Neighbours and Urban Din   

The choice of institutions: the role of risk and risk aversion (with Paul Zak)

A dynamic 'fixed effects' model for heterogeneous panel data


Downloadable estimation programs

Current and Past Ph.D. students


Petterson Molina Vale, Ph.D. 2015 “Cattle and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.”       

Yi Fan, Ph.D. 2015 “Essays on Cross-Sectional Inequality and Intergenerational Income            Mobility in China.”

Anouk Rigterink, PhD 2014 “Quantitative Analysis of Violent Conflict.”

Maria Waldinger, PhD 2014 “Historical Events and their Effects on Long-Term Economic and Social Development.” 

Azza El-Shinnawy, Ph.D. 2012 "The Transformation of the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Industry"

Munshi Sulaiman (co-supervisor), Ph.D. 2012, "Targeted anti-poverty programmes and risk sharing"

Megha Mukim, Ph.D. 2012 “Essays in Trade and Economic Geography”

James Ellis, Ph.D. 2008  “An analysis of culture and fertility decisions”

Melanie Khamis, Ph.D. 2008 “An empirical investigation of the informal labor market, minimum wages and workfare programs at times of growth and crisis in urban Argentina, 1992-2005” 

Stuart B. Miller, Ph.D. 2007 “The Micro-Economic Implications fo Natural Disaster Risk for Developing Countries: Evidence from Nicaragua”

Thi Minh Ngo, Ph.D. 2005  (co-supervisor) "Gains and losses from decollectivisation in Vietnam: land redistribution, agricultural growth and rural poverty (1992-1998)"


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