Standing Committee of the European Conference on Information Systems

Minutes of the meeting held at UniversitÓ di Napoli Federico II, Complesso Universitario Monte S.Angelo, Via Cinthia, Napoli (The conference venue)

Wednesday February 22nd, 2003

1 Apologies

Present: Edgar Whitley, Marco de Marco, Ricardo Mercurio, Marcello Martinez, Chiara Frigerio, Dieter Bartmann, Vanessa Gemmo, Michael Rill, Andrea Carignani, Federico Rajola, Janni Jacuzzi, Alessandro D'Atri, Karl Heinz Kautz, David Avison, Eph Maclean, Tapio Reponen, Claudio Ciborra, Paolo Canonico

2 Proposal for new conference

The Regensburg proposers had been invited to this meeting to both present their proposal and to share best practice experience

2.1 Reported

That a proposal had been received to host ECIS 2005 in Regensburg, Germany.

That the proposed theme be "Information systems in a rapidly changing economy"

That the conference be held at the University of Regensburg May 26-28, 2005

That the organisers had considerable experience in organising conferences, including the annual conference on innovation in the banking industry

Full details of the proposal are available here

2.2 Resolved

That the proposal be accepted and Regensburg be invited to host ECIS 2005

3 Forthcoming conferences

3.1 Reported

That Turku had 2000 students

That the conference would be held in the business school buildings

That the Doctoral consortium would begin on June 11th on an island

That the welcome party would be held on June 13th

That the City Reception would be held on June 14th and the Conference Dinner in the Old Castle on June 15th

That there were flights to Turku from Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki, as well as ferry and a bus from Helsinki

That the fee would be similar to Naples but the hotel costs were likely to be much lower

4 Any other business

There was no further business, so the meeting began the detailed planning of the Naples conference programme.

5 Date of next meeting

To be held on the day before ECIS Naples. Further details to be sent later

Dr. Edgar A. Whitley