Professor Leslie Willcocks

Research Work

Completed Research Projects 1990-2006

The research work on Information Systems and Information Management is largely represented by the publications listed above.

2005 - 150,000 funded research into outsourcing and the capabilities required to achieve success. Funded By LogicaCMG. Three white papers so far produced. The fourth is being researched in 20 organizations from November 2006 to March 2007.

2004-2005 100,000 funded research into digital transformation of the London Insurance market. Two white papers produced so far – From The Eye Of The Market 1: Modernisation or Muddle? and From The Eye Of The Market 2: Social Capital: The Market’s Advantage?

2000-2004 Research into Implementing Core IT Capabilities. Three case studies – Dupont, Commonwealth Bank and State Super Financial Services. Paper requested by by MISQ Executive being written for late 2005 publication.

2002-2004 Research into business process outsourcing. Sponsored by Xchanging. Five research briefings written and seven articles accepted to date.

2000-2001 Research into application service provision funded by CMG and jointly carried out by Universities of Oxford, Missouri and Erasmus. US and European surveys and case studies. Resulting book and publications (see below).

1998-2000 Research into IT outsourcing trends and practices using a 1999 survey and 116 case histories. Published as a Templeton Research Report (Feb. 2000) and as a book Global IT Outsourcing. With Mary Lacity.

1999-2001 Research into IT outsourcing practices in Australia. Survey and follow-up interviews with 243 organizations. Published as a report and as academic papers. With Peter Seddon, Sara Cullen, Anne Rouse, Colin Reilly – Deloitte Touche and University of Melbourne. Also the basis for a book: Intelligent IT Outsourcing.

1999-2000 Research into enterprise systems. 25 case histories. Paper published in Communications of The ACM, April 2000. Subsequently a partial basis for the book Second Wave ERP.

1996-1999 32,000 commissioned research on Benchmarking IT Performance. International Survey and 20 case studies. With V. Graeser and G. Islei. Book and papers published

1994-1999 Research into offshore outsourcing. In association with Erasmus University, Rotterdam. With K. Kumar. Book chapter and refereed conference paper published.

1996-1998 Research into client server implementation. 10 case studies. Joint US-Anglo project with Mary Lacity and Ashok Subramanian. Paper published.

1996-1997 20,000 research project on ‘Emerging trends in IT Outsourcing’ for Business Intelligence. Book published in November 1997. With W. Currie.

1995-1996 20,000 commissioned research into business process reengineering. 200 organization survey. Published in Reengineering: The Critical Success Factors, Business Intelligence, London.

1994-1996 Longitudinal case research into business process reengineering. Eight case studies. With W. Currie, S. Jackson, G. Smith. Various refereed publications.

March-October 1993 22,000 Research project on the outsourcing of IT operations for Business Intelligence. 30 detailed case studies and survey of 162 organisations. Publications include a 90,000 word report. With G. Fitzgerald.

1991-1994 Research into IT-enabled business process reengineering. Results published as contribution to two books, and also in refereed journals. With G. Smith.

1993-1994 Study of seven major IT projects to elicit management practices and risk factors. Refereed publications listed below. With C. Griffiths.

1991-1993 Risk case studies. Research into 19 organizations on the subject of IT and risks experienced in IT projects. We reviewed the existing literature and instruments for analysing risk and developed a risk profiling approach that takes into account a broader range of risks than are usually considered, and that looks at how risk is compounded as several factors come into operation at the same time. Publications include a chapter in Willcocks, L. (1994). With H. Margetts.

1990-1992 Research project on Measuring the Value of IS Investments. Questionnaire Survey and interview programme covering private and public sector organisations. Several publications, including two edited books.With S. Lester.

January-March 1991 Project leader for 38,000 research contract with Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency. 'Managing For Change - Information Systems in Central Government’ . Report presented on March 29th. 1991 (with M. Harris, C. Holtham, E Dockery).

January-June 1992 35000 Research Project on IT Effectiveness Metrics. Report ‘IT Effectiveness Metrics’ presented to CCTA in June 1992.

1990 Research project on strategic IT application portfolio analysis and the limits to user participation in systems development. Interview programme. With David Mason, Victoria University, Wellington. Working paper and two refereed Conference papers produced and presented at August 1991 conference in Melbourne, Australia. With D. Mason.

1990-1991 Research in 30 public service organizations on the ways in which management learning takes place, with specific references to notions of the learning organization and their applicability. Includes the notion of learning for information systems effectiveness. Conducted with Dr. J. Harrow as part of commissioned research by those organizations. Resulting publications listed below.

1989-1990 Research on how managers use information and IT in their jobs. Study of 43 organisations in Wellington, New Zealand. Research completed on 3 month sabbatical visit and conference papers and publications produced. With D. Mason.