Professor Leslie Willcocks

Working Papers/Research Reports

A full listing of contributions to 12 City University Business School Working Papers is available, if required. Likewise contributions to 32 OXIIM Research And Discussion Papers, and the Warwick IS Research series. All these working papers were, or will be subsequently published in more developed form and the published work is contained in the listings above. The following are listed separately as research reports NOT included in the above and represent additional original published work:

Willcocks, L. and Cullen, S. (2005) The Outsourcing Enterprise 1: The CEO Role In Creating Strategic Advantage. Logicacmg, London

Willcocks, L. and Cullen., S. (2005) The Outsourcing Enterprise 2: The Power of Relationships. Logicacmg, London.

Feeny, D., Willcocks, L. and Lacity, M. (2003) Business Process Outsourcing: The Promise Of Enterprise Partnership. Xchanging sponsored research published as an Executive Research Briefing for Templeton College, Oxford in March. Additionally there are three detailed case studies published by Templeton College in the same series.

Willcocks, L. (2004). Eye Of The Market 1- The London Insurance Market: Modernisation or Muddle? Knowledge Capital Partners: London.

Willcocks, L. (2005). Eye Of The Market 2- Social Capital: The London Insurance Market’s Secret Weapon? Knowledge Capital Partners: London.

Cullen, S., Willcocks, L. and Seddon, P. (2001) IT Outsourcing Practices In Australia. Joint Deloitte-Touche Tohmatsu/University of Melbourne study published in January 2001.

Lacity, M. and Willcocks, L. (2000). Inside IT Outsourcing: A State-of-the-Art Report. Executive Report, Templeton College, Oxford, May.

Nievelt, G. van and Willcocks, L. (1997). Benchmarking Organisational and IT Performance. The Oxford Executive Research Briefings, No. 7. Templeton College, Oxford, October.

Lacity, M. and Willcocks, L. (1996) Best Practices In Information Technology Sourcing. The Oxford Executive Research Briefings, No. 2. Templeton College, Oxford, June.