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The Red River, Amazon Books 2016 94 pages.

A Life in Operational Research, September 2007.pdf

Obituary of Professor George Dantzig, "The Journal of the Operational Research Society", Vol.65(2005) 1349-1350.

Stanley Skewes and the Skewes Number, "Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall"  20 Vol.56(2005) 1349-1350.

Recent Developments in Combinatorial Optimisation "OR Keynote Papers1998" Young OR Society Conference, OR Society 1998

Constraint Logic Programming and Integer Programming "Tutorials and recent reviews" 16th EURO Conference, Brussels 1998

Obituary of Professor Steven Vajda "The Times" 3 January 1996.

The Cornish Caveman Mathematician "Mathematical Intelligencer" Vol.17 (1995) 34 and 64

How Long is the Coast of Cornwall? "Mathematics Review" Vol. 3 (1993) 2-5

Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities "Mathematical Medley" (Singapore Mathematical Society) Vol. 20 (1992) 59 - 67

Optimisation and Operational Research "IMA Bulletin" Vol.26 (1990) 76 - 85

Optimisation is Best Inaugural Lecture as Professor of Operational Research at Southampton University, November1986

Model Building in Management Science: Is the Model more important than the Mathematics? Inaugural Lecture as Professor of Management Science at Edinburgh University, 1978




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