Writing Tips for Economics Research Papers







Tips on Presentation

       Presentation Rules and Suggestions for Macro Bag Lunch Seminar at the University of Munich (organized with Theo Eicher, Monika Piazzesi, Martin Schneider, and Michele Tertilt).

       Presentation Tips by Jesse Shapiro.

       Tips on How to Avoid Disaster in Presentations by Monika Piazzesi.

       Presentation Tips by Tim Kehoe (for Vigo Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics).

        The Job Market. Collected advice of a cohort of Chicago students for the academic job market. This is from 2000, but much of it still applies.

Tips for Data Access, Code

       A Beginner's Guide to Using Stata, Jason Eichorst, Rice University

       How to Access Standard Data Sources by Claudia Olivetti, Dan Silverman, and Jay Hong.

       Tips for Code and Data by Matt Gentzkow and Jesse Shapiro.

       Some data recipes