Maitreesh Ghatak is Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics, a position he has held since 2004. He is an elected Fellow of the British Academy and a Fellow of the International Economic Association.  He previously taught at the Department of Economics at the University of Chicago.  His main areas of research interest are development economics, public economics, and the economics of organizations. He served as the Deputy Head of the Department of Economics from 2016-19.  He has been the Director of the Development Economics Group at the research centre STICERD at the LSE since 2005. He completed his PhD in Economics at Harvard University in 1996 under the supervision of Eric Maskin and Abhijit V. Banerjee.  Earlier, he did his undergraduate degree in Economics at Presidency College, Calcutta and his Master’s in Economics at the Delhi School of Economics. He is a co-editor of Economica starting 2016, having previously served as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Development Economics from 2009-2015, the Managing Editor of the Review of Economic Studies from 2003-2006, and a co-editor of The Economics of Transition from 2003-2005. He is also in the editorial board of several journals. He is a Board Member of the Bureau for Research in the Economic Analysis of Development (BREAD); Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) in three research areas: Development Economics (DE), Macroeconomics and Growth (MG), and Public Economics (PE); he has served as the Lead Academic of the International Growth Centre’s (IGC) India–Bihar programme and as an external member of the Research Committee of The World Bank. He is a founding member of several research networks: Theoretical Research in Development (ThReD), Economics of Social Sector Organisations (ESSO), and Non-profits, Governments, and Organizations (NGO).  He writes regularly on economic, political and policy issues for a broader audience with a special focus on India in various newspapers, magazines, and blogs.