Edward C Page FBA


Sidney and Beatrice Webb Professor of Public Policy


Short Biography

BA German and Politics (CNAA) 1976; MSc Politics (Strathclyde) 1977; PhD Politics (Strathclyde) 1982.  Lecturer, University of Strathclyde 1978-81; Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader, Professor, University of Hull 1981-2001. Professor LSE 2001-.   Full CV here


Research Interests

British and comparative public policy and administration; law-making; bureaucracy.


Recent Publications



Policy without Politicians.  Bureaucratic Influence in Comparative Perspective Oxford University Press, 2012 (extracts)


Changing Government Relations in Europe (co-editor with M Goldsmith) Routledge,2010.


From the Active to the Enabling State (co-editor with the late Vincent Wright) Palgrave 2006.


Policy Bureaucracy: Government With a Cast of Thousands (with the late Bill Jenkins) Oxford University Press, 2005.


Governing by Numbers: Delegated Legislation and Everyday Policy Making, Hart Publishing  2001




"Future Governance and the Literature on Policy Transfer and Lesson Drawing" (not so recent but frequently requested and not otherwise available)(2001)


Bureaucrats and expertise: elucidating aproblematic relationship in three tableaux and six jurisdictionsSociologie du Travail 2010.


 Accountability as a Bureaucratic Minefield” West European Politics, 2010.


Their Word is Law.  Parliamentary Counsel and Creative Policy AnalysisPublic Law October 2009: 790-811


"Farewell to the Weberian State? Classical Theory and Modern Bureaucracy" Zeitschrift fur Staats- und Europawissenschaften 1(4) 2003: 485-504.


Cross-national Policy Learning” (with Jane Mark-Lawson) in Sue Duncan and High Bochel (eds) Making Policy in theory and Practice Policy Press 2007.


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The origins of policy’ in Martin Rein, Michael Moran & Robert E. Goodin(eds) Oxford Handbook of Public Policy, Oxford University Press, 2006.


Joined-Up Government and the Civil Service’ in V Bogdanor (ed) Joined up Government Oxford University Press, 2005.


How policy is really made” Published by the Public Management and Policy Association,London August 2006

With the GV314 Group

"Evaluation under contract: government pressure and the production of policy research" Public Administration (forthcoming 2013 or 14).

"New Life at the Top: Special Advisers in British Government" Parliamentary Affairs 65 (4) 2012: 715-732.

"Groups and the limited pluralism of the set-piece consultation" British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 4 (1) 2011: 175-186

"Why do they do it? Lawyers in local government" Local Government Studies
32(4) 2006: 529-535

"Expertise and Policy-Making: Legal Professionals in Local Government" Public Administration
84(2-3) 2006: 771-781.