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Journal Access Bookmarklet

A web browser bookmarklet that allows you to access journals off-campus with a single click, using your LSE username and password.

1. The Bookmarklet: JournalAccess

Save this link in your bookmarks bar. In most browsers you can just drag it there.

2. Using the Bookmarklet

If LSE does not subscribe to the journal you may get a "404 Not Found" error. To request the purchase of a journal subscription, contact your friendly academic support librarian.

How it works

In order to use LSE library privileges to access a journal article off campus, you only have to insert an LSE library access proxy directly after the host name (e.g. after the '.org' or '.com') in the article's URL: .gate2.library.lse.ac.uk

So, for example, this link is behind a paywall:


But when LSE users insert the LSE library access proxy, they get access:


The JournalAccess bookmarklet automates this process for forgetful and lazy users like myself, who either forget the string or are too lazy to type it. It's a trivially simple javascript, which just grabs your browser's URL and inserts the LSE library access proxy in the appropriate place. Here's the code linked to the JournalAccess bookmarklet in its entirety.

   myhost=window.location.host.toString(); //gets host name
   myurl=document.URL.toString(); //gets entire URL
   window.location=myurl.replace(myhost,myhost+'.gate2.library.lse.ac.uk'); //replaces host with host+access proxy in URL


Bryan Roberts at b.w.roberts@lse.ac.uk for questions, suggestions, and problems to do with this bookmarklet.

p.s. Pitt people: I've got a Bookmarklet for you too! PittAccess.