BWR Hidden Music Page

"Low fi by the window"

Written quickly in mornings filled with London sunlight. If you seek high fidelity, look elsewhere.

(2014) "Womb Session" (Bearded Parrot)

Made in Lausanne, Switzerland during a few days with Roark Brewster, Nathan Evans, and Alicia Onstad, at the "Womb" recording studio of the great Dr. Evans. Read about its creation.

(2012) "Goodbye Pittsburgh"

Recorded on my cellphone camera while waiting for the movers to arrive. One of a dozen or so songs I wrote in Pittsburgh; maybe someday I'll post the rest.

(2005) Miscellany

Many songs were created in the kitchen when I lived with the great Nathan Evans. Few were recorded. Here's my favorite one that was.

Unplugged version of one of the old Down and Out songs.

(2005) "Goodbye Seattle"

Recorded in my living room in Seattle, WA using an old-school weighted keyboard the week before I moved to Mexico.

Down & Out (2001) "Reach Out And Punk Someone"

Recorded at Quality Music Studies in Vancouver Washington by Nick Bubb (drums), Nathan Manning (guitar), Josh Osborn (bass), and me (vocals, guitar) in our senior year of high school.