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I was in 1993 asked to give a talk on how to write papers by people from Oslo University. They suggested that I brought along a paper myself, and I misunderstood and thought they asked me to write something on how to write papers and not just to bring one of my other papers along. I asked all my colleagues at Risoe National Laboratory and everyone else I knew what advice they had. The first version was written on a Saturday in Roskilde, Denmark, under the influence of a heavy influenza and high fever (perhaps I should do that more often ;-). It is the one paper people ask for and whenever I change the link, I get angry emails from lecturers needing to link to it. As a matter of principle (and due to a couple of failed attempts) I have decided that it will not appear in a journal. If you have any additions, comments or references, please drop me a line!

Click on the button to the right for a slightly updated version with new references and a list of on-line resources of a LSE-IS working paper (Sørensen, 2002), which in turn was an update of the conference version (Sørensen, 1994).

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Sørensen, C. (2002): This is Not an Article — Just Some Food for Thoughts on How to Write One. Working Paper. Department of Information Systems, The London School of Economics and Political Science. No. 121

Sørensen, C. (1994): This is Not an Article — Just Some Thoughts on How to Write One. In 17th Information systems Research seminar In Scandinavian at Syöte Conference Centre, Finland, August 6–9, Syöte, Finland, ed. P. Kerola, A. Juustila, and J. Järvinen. Oulu University, vol. I, pp. 46-59