Data and programmes for "The African Growth Miracle"

The raw data used in the paper are publicly available at  Provided below are my cleaned data files by product, containing information on the variable in question, some additional household or individual demographic variables, and the mean educational attainment of household members age 25-65. Individual surveys can be identified by the combination of countryname and surveystart (survey starting date) or MAvg (avg. survey date).  At the bottom of this page are files that contain all of the cleaning and computational code used in the paper.

Household Ownership of Durables:

    DHShv207 - Radio

    DHShv208 - Television

    DHShv209 - Refrigerator

    DHShv210 - Bicycle

    DHShv211 - Motorcycle

    DHShv212 - Car

    DHShv221 - Telephone


Housing Conditions:


    DHShv206 - Electricity

    DHShv201 - Tap drinking water

    DHShv205 - Flush toilet

    DHShv213 - Constructed floor

    DHSlnhv216 - ln # sleeping rooms per person


Health of Infants (born in past 35 months, individual variables):


    DHSlnhw2 - ln weight (100 gms)

    DHSlnhw3 - ln height (mm)

    DHSh11 - Diarrhea in past two weeks

    DHSh22 - Fever in past two weeks

    DHSh31 - Cough in past two weeks

    DHSb5 - Child alive


Family economics (individual variables):


    DHSChv110 - Attending school (children age 6-14)

    DHSYhv110 - Attending school (youths age 15-24)

    DHSYv714 - Working (young married women age 15-24)

    DHSOv714 - Working (older married women age 25-49)

    DHSYv209 - Gave birth past year (young married women age 15-24)

    DHSOv209 - Gave birth past year (older married women age 25-49)

    DHSYv502 - Ever married (young women age 15-24)

    DHSOv502 - Ever married (older women age 25-49)



Cleaning and computational code used in the paper:


Extract&Clean ,   Dat (results of E&C, used in later sections), SectionII , SectionVFirst , SectionVSecond , SectionVIFirst , SectionVISecond.