I joined the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1990 and I'm still here. (It's a great place to be.) I am a Professor of Mathematics in the Mathematics Department and have been Head of Department, an Academic Governor, and a member of committees and working groups too exciting and numerous to mention (or perhaps even remember). I had the LSE-wide role of VCAB (Vice-Chair Academic Board) 2019-2022. I am on sabbatical leave until January 2024. 


I am originally from Paisley, in the west of Scotland, near Glasgow. Growing up in Paisley, I studied at Castlehead High School, then the University of Glasgow, graduating with a BSc in Mathematics in 1988. I completed a PhD in Mathematics in 1991, having studied at Royal Holloway University of London and LSE. I also have an MA in Higher and Professional Education (2002) from the Institute of Education and I was a member of the first cohort on LSE's Leadership Development Programme (2012-14).


My research interests are mainly in the mathematical theory underpinning machine learning, data science, and Boolean and pseudo-Boolean functions. I won't bore you here with the details: see my publications page for hours of enjoyment. 


I've taught a wide variety of courses at LSE. (See my teaching page for current courses.) I won the inaugural LSE Students' Union Teaching Excellence Award for Sharing Expertise and Knowledge and have received LSE Education Excellence Awards. 


I live with Colleen and our son Alistair in the cheaper end of Twickenham. I enjoy cooking and I am an award-winning vegetarian chef.


Here is a CV.