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Small world parameters and political activity in a network

Network regular and randomized according to rules in Watts and Strogatz 1998

somewhere in between the regular and randomised networks we should see a small world, if parameters are right, this is recognised by the large drop in global path length withpout a corresponding fall in clustering.

We can examine alongside this an actor based simulation of political activity in networks. At present this is a (not very good) rule that looks towards convergence of opinion on a policy, where actors are influenced by their inetractions with each other. I have a paper in progresson this subject. I can make drafts available if people are interested.

What we hope to see is that some kind of believable model of policy formation in a network is affected by the small world properties eing present.

Things to note
1) depending on the size of your network/ expected number of shortcuts you can boost up the minimum p-log value and save a load of worthless iterations
2) the poldev graph is not much use (at the momnet), it just shows that the policy simulation is alive and kicking
3 output is done by issuing the SHOW command in the control window with the desired lists, that is always ploglist and nactorlist for the independent variables and any selection from pathllist, cclist and polstepslist fotr the dependent variables. Easy to copy, paste and turn text into columns in excel.
4) although the repetitions work, the repetition counter seems not to show the right value. I hope and pray that this is the only bug at the moment
5) I'm not going to dicuss or document the policy making simulation as I'm not happy with it and it will be covered in my paper.

Comments welcome

Stuart Astill