Georgy Chabakauri


Associate Professor of Finance

London School of Economics







Research Interests:

asset pricing with frictions, macro-finance, asymmetric information, portfolio choice, risk management. 



1.     Barinov, A., and G. Chabakauri, 2023, “Idiosyncratic volatility, growth options, and cross-section of returnsReview of Asset Pricing Studies, forthcoming.

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4.     Chabakauri, G., and B. Y. Han, 2020, “Collateral Constraints and Asset PricesJournal of Financial Economics 138, 754-776.

European Finance Association Best Conference Paper Award,

SFS Finance Cavalcade Best Paper Award in Asset Pricing,

European Winter Finance Symposium Best Paper Prize in Memory of S. Bhattacharya.

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Working Papers:

Basak, S., and G. Chabakauri, 2023, “Asset Prices, Wealth Inequality, and Taxation

Chabakauri, G., V. Fos, and W. Jiang, 2022, “Trading ahead of barbarians’ arrival at the gate: insider trading on non-insider information

Chabakauri, G., 2015, “Dynamic Equilibrium with Rare Events and Heterogeneous Epstein-Zin Investors

Bhattacharya, S., G. Chabakauri, and K. Nyborg, 2011, “Securitized Lending, Asymmetric Information, and Financial Crisis: New Perspectives for Regulation” (available upon request). 

Contact Information:

Georgy Chabakauri

Associate Professor

London School of Economics,

Department of Finance,

Houghton Street,

London WC2A 2AE, UK

E-mail: G.Chabakauri[at]

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