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Professor of Economic Geography
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Urban and real estate economics: housing and land markets with focus on homeownership, house price capitalization, land and housing supply, land use regulation and property and rent price dynamics; household mobility and barriers to mobility; social capital. Public economics with focus on local public finance. Environmental economics. Political economy.


Recent Articles (selected, English language only)


On the Economic Impacts of Mortgage Credit Expansion Policies: Evidence from Help to Buy, with Felipe Carozzi and Xiaolun Yu, Journal of Urban Economics, 2024, Vol. 139, #103611. | Free access to publication (online) |


Housing Policy and Affordable Housing, with O. Schoeni, Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance, Oxford University Press, 2022. | Working Paper Version | Article (online) |


Local Economic Conditions and the Nature of New Housing Supply, with Jan Rouwendal and Wouter Vermeulen, Journal of Economic Geography, 2021, Vol. 22(3), 339-366. | Working paper version | Web-Appendix | Free access to publication (online) |

Do Long-Distance Moves Discourage Homeownership? Evidence from England, with Sejeong Ha and Olivier Schoeni, Journal of Housing Economics, 2021, Vol. 53, #101766. | Article |


On the Economic Impacts of Constraining Second Home Investments, with Olivier Schoeni, Journal of Urban Economics, 2020, Vol. 118, article #103266. | Working paper version | Web-Appendix |


The Energy Costs of Historic Preservation, with Charles Palmer and Edward W. Pinchbeck, Journal of Urban Economics, 2019, Vol. 114, article #103197. | Article |


Housing in Europe: A Different Continent - A Continent of Dfferences [Introduction to Special Issue], with Paul. C. Cheshire, Journal of Housing Economics, 2018, Vol. 42, 1-3.
| Article |

Institutional Settings and Urban Sprawl: Evidence from Europe, with Max V. Ehrlich and Olivier Schoeni, Journal of Housing Economics, 2018, Vol. 42, 4-18. | Article |

Empty Homes, Longer Commutes: The Unintended Consequences of More Restrictive Local Planning, with Paul Cheshire and Hans Koster, Journal of Public Economics, 2018, Vol. 158, 126-151.
Article (open access) |

Mortgage Debt and Entrepreneurship, with Philippe Bracke and Olmo Silva, Journal of Urban Economics, 2018, Vol. 103, 52-66. 
Article (open access)


Transfer Taxes and Household Mobility: Distortion on the Housing or Labor Market?, with Teemu Lyytikainen, Journal of Urban Economics, 2017, Vol. 101, 57-73.  | Article | Economist article 'The Rise of the Homebody' from 5/8/2017 | Telegraph front page article 'Stamp Duty Killing Housing Sales' from 9/8/2017 | Telegraph online version of article from 9/8/2017 |

The Economic Implications of House Price Capitalization: A Synthesis, Real Estate Economics, 2017, Vol. 45, No. 2, 301-339. | Article |


The Impact of Supply Constraints on House Prices in England, with Wouter Vermeulen, Economic Journal, 2016, Vol. 126, No. 591, 358-405. | Article | FT article from 10/3/2016 | Economist article 'Little Londons' from 24/9/2016 |

Housing Policies in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the United States: Lessons Learned, with Olivier Schoeni, Cityscape, 2017, Vol. 18, No. 3, 291-332. | Article |


Public Lectures, Impact & Evidence (recent) to be updated

Housing Subsidies, Supply Constraints and Housing Affordability: Evidence from Help to Buy, European Commission, Addressing Housing Market Imbalances, 11 December 2019. | Slides |

Evidence Session on Intergenerational Fairness and Provision, House of Lords Select Committee on Intergenerational Fairness and Provision (televised), 6 November 2018. | Video |

Britain's Housing Crisis: Causes and Cures, Inaugural Lecture, 21 March 2017. | Video | Audio | Slides |


Opinion Pieces (recent, selected) to be updated

COVID-19: What Will Crashing the Economy Do for the UK Housing Market?, LSE Covid-19 Blog, with Paul Cheshire, May 2020.  | Blog |

Housing, CEP Election Analysis Series, Paper EA051, with Paul Cheshire, November 2019.  | Election Analysis |

The UK's Housing Crisis: What Should the next Government Do? LSE British Politics and Policy Blog, with Paul Cheshire, November 2019. | Blog |

Why banning the construction of second homes in St. Ives and elsewhere has been a bad idea and what to do instead, CEP Urban and Spatial Programme Blog, 19 August 2019 . | Blog |

Second Home Investments, CentrePiece, 2018 (Autumn).
| Article |

In brief...Empty Homes, Longer Commutes, with Paul Cheshire and Hans Koster, CentrePiece, 2018 (Spring). | Article |

The UK Planning System-Fit for Purpose?, Birkbeck Law Rewiew, 2018 (February), Vol. 5, No. 1. | Article