Work in Progress

Current Papers

Trade and Worker Deskilling

Jihadi Attacks, Media and Local Hate Crime

Why Does Education Reduce Crime?

Rent Sharing and Inclusive Growth

Entry Through the Narrow Door: The Costs of Just Failing High Stakes Exams

Current Research

[draft papers to appear soon, or soon-ish]

Falling Absolute Intergenerational Mobility (with Jo Blanden and Sumaiya Rahman)

The Changing Geography of Intergenerational Mobility (with Brian Bell and Jack Blundell)

Home Ownership and Social Mobility (with Jo Blanden and Andrew Eyles)

The Value of a Job Guarantee (with Swati Dhingra)

Closing the Gap Between Vocational and General Education? Evidence from University Technical Colleges in England (with Sandra McNally, Camille Terrier and Guglielmo Ventura)

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