L. Rachel Ngai




Associate Professor, London School of Economics

Research Fellow, CEPR.

Member, CFM



Department of Economics, LSE, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE, UK

Email: L.Ngai"at"lse.ac.uk

Phone: +44 2079557017

Public Engagement and Media Coverage

    Labour Market

     Why low-skilled worker wages have stagnated even while the economy has thrived, Research for the World - Shaping the Post-COVID World , July 2021.

     How faster productivity growth in low-skill sectors contribute to wage stagnation, British Politics and Policy Blog, November 2020.

     A new explanation for wage stagnation, VoxEU CEPR Vox Talks, August 2020.  

     China's mobility barriers and employment allocations, VoxChina, March 2018

How the rise of the service economy narrowed the gender gap, CEP CentrPiece, Autumn 2017.

      Taxes and market hours: The role of gender and skill, Vox EU Column, October 2017.


How the rise of the service sector boosted the demand for women workers, British Politics and Policy Blog, July 2017. (pdf)



Women's work: the service economy has narrowed the gender gap, Britain in 2016.



Job creation responding to the needs of society, Letter to the Financial Times, December 2008. (pdf)



    Housing Market

      Hot and cold seasons in residential real estate, National Real Estate Forum, podcast and article, August 2017

      Moving house, Vox EU Column, October 2015

      You have more chance of finding the house you want in the summer. But you'll pay more for it, USApp – American Politics and Policy Blog, March 2015. (pdf)

Hot and cold seasons in the housing market, CEP CentrPiece, Winter 2008/09.



Houses cost more in the summer. Here's why, Financial Times Weekend Magazine, September 2008. (pdf)




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