Taisuke Otsu
Professor of Economics
Department of Economics
London School of Economics and Political Science

Published Papers

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40. Specification testing for errors-in-variables models (with Luke Taylor), forthcoming in Econometric Theory.

41. Score estimation of monotone partially linear index model (with Mengshan Xu), forthcoming in Journal of Nonparametric Statistics.

42. Average derivative estimation under measurement error (with Hao Dong and Luke Taylor), forthcoming in Econometric Theory.

43. Jackknife, small bandwidth and high-dimensional asymptotics (with Yukitoshi Matsushita) forthcoming in Biometrika.

44. Relative error accurate statistic based on nonparametric likelihood (with Lorenzo Camponovo and Yukitoshi Matsushita), forthcoming in Econometric Theory.

45. On the uniform convergence of deconvolution estimators from repeated measurements (with Daisuke Kurisu), forthcoming in Econometric Theory.

46. Estimation of varying coefficient models with measurement error (with Hao Dong and Luke Taylor), forthcoming in Journal of Econometrics.

47. Information theoretic approach to high dimensional multiplicative models: stochastic discount factor and treatment effect (with Chen Qiu), forthcoming in Quantitative Economics.

48. Second-order refinements for t-ratios with many instruments (with Yukithoshi Matsushita) forthcoming in Journal of Econometrics.

Working Papers

1. Robust estimation of moment condition models with weakly dependent data (with Kirill Evdokimov and Yuichi Kitamura), revise and resubmit for Journal of Econometrics.

2. Nonparametric estimation of additive model with errors-in-variables (with Hao Dong) revise and resubmit for Econometric Reviews.

3. Estimation of (static or dynamic) games under equilibrium multiplicity (with Martin Pesendorfer, Yuya Sasaki and Yuya Takahashi) revise and resubmit for International Economic Review.

4. On linearization of nonparametric deconvolution estimators for repeated measurements model (with Daisuke Kurisu) revise and resubmit for Journal of Multivariate Analysis.

5. Nonparametric inference for extremal conditional quantiles (with Daisuke Kurisu) revise and resubmit for Econometric Theory.

6. Likelihood ratio inference for missing data models (with Karun Adusumilli)

7. Causal inference on regression discontinuity designs by high-dimensional methods (with Yoichi Arai and Myung Hwan Seo)

8. Jackknife Langrange multiplier test with many weak instruments (with Yukithoshi Matsushita)

9. Reweighted nonparametric likelihood inference for linear functionals (with Karun Adusumilli and Chen Qiu)

10. On Gaussian approximation for M-estimator (with Masaaki Imaizumi)

Book Review

Karim M. Abadir and Jan R. Magnus, Matrix Algebra, Cambridge University Press, 2005, Econometric Theory (2006), 22, 968-972.

Translation Work

 • Venables, William N., and Brian D. Ripley, Modern Applied Statistics with S-PLUS, (with Mikio Ito, Nobuyuki Tose, and Masaki Nakahigashi, translation into Japanese), Springer-Verlag Tokyo, 2001.