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Professional Profile

Co-Director, State Effectiveness Programme at the International Growth Centre

Research Affiliate, CEPR

Research Fellow, BREAD

Faculty Research Fellow, NBER

Associate, ThReD

Gerard Padró i Miquel




Professor in Economics, LSE


Lecturer in Economics, LSE


Assistant Professor of Political Economy, Stanford GSB



Co-Editor, Journal of Development Economics


Associate Editor, Review of Economic Studies


Associate Editor, Quarterly Journal of Economics

Published research

June 2015

The Value of Democracy: Evidence from Road Building in Kenya

With Robin Burgess, Remi Jedwab, Ameet Morjaria and Edward Miguel, American Economic Review 105(6): 1817-1851, June 2015. Online appendix here. (BREAD working paper here, CEPR discussion paper version here, NBER working paper version here).

June 2012

Selective Trials: A Principal-Agent approach to Randomized Control Trials

With Sylvain Chassang and Erik Snowberg, American Economic Review 102(4): 1279-1309, June 2012. (BREAD working paper here, CEPR discussion paper version here, NBER working paper version here).

June 2012

A Political Economy Theory of Partial Decentralization

With John W Hatfield, Journal of the European Economic Association 10(3): 605-633, June 2012. (NBER working paper version here).

May 2012

The Political Economy of Indirect Control

With Pierre Yared, Quarterly Journal of Economics 127(2): 947-1015, May 2012. (NBER working paper version here).

January 2012

The Lesser Evil: Executive Accountability with Partisan Supporters

With Erik Snowberg, Journal of Theoretical Politics 24(1): 19-45, January 2012.

July 2011

Foreign Influence and Welfare

With Pol Antràs, Journal of International Economics 84(2): 135-148, July 2011. (NBER working paper version here).

November 2010

Conflict and Deterrence under Strategic Risk

With Sylvain Chassang, Quarterly Journal of Economics 125(4): 1821-1858, November 2010. (NBER working paper version here).

April-May 2010

Savings and Predation

With Sylvain Chassang, Journal of the European Economic Association P&P 8(2-3): 645-654, April-May 2010.

October 2009

Economic Shocks and Civil War

With Sylvain Chassang, Quarterly Journal of Political Science 4(3): 211-228, October 2009.

May 2009

Defensive Weapons and Defensive Alliances

With Sylvain Chassang, American Economic Review P&P 99(2): 282-286, May 2009.

October 2007

The Control of Politicians in Divided Societies: The Politics of Fear

Review of Economic Studies 74(4): 1259-1274, October 2007. (Longer NBER Working Paper version here).

August 2006

Legislative Effectiveness and Legislative Life

With James M Snyder, Legislative Studies Quarterly 31(3): 347-381, August 2006.