PhD Supervision

Steve Pischke

There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after - J.R. Tolkien

That's the nature of research - you don't know what in hell you're doing - Doc Edgerton

Ptolemy's earth centred universe held sway for 1500 years, a reminder that intellectual capacity is no guarantee against being dead wrong - Carl Sagan

If it was going to work the first time around we wouldn't call it re-search - Steve Pischke

Current and past PhD students at the LSE

Luca Citino: 2016-2020, first job: Bank of Italy

Andrés Barrios Fernandez: 2014-2019, Post-doc VATT, Helsinki

Felix Koenig: 2014-2019, first job, Post-doc, Princeton

Giulia Bovini: 2014-2019, first job: Bank of Italy

Giulia Giupponi: 2014-2019, first job: Post-doc, IFS

Zelda Brutti: EDP student from EUI 2013-15, first position: Post-doc, University of Barcelona

Stefan Maurer: 2012-2017, first job: University of Konstanz

Abel Brodeur: EDP student from the Paris School of Economics 2012-13, first job: University of Ottawa

Marta De-Philippis: 2011-2016, first job: Bank of Italy

David Schönherr: EDP student from Bonn 2011-12, first job: Princeton University

Abel Schumann: visiting PhD student from the Stockholm School of Economics 2011-12, first job: OECD

Michael Böhm: 2010-2013, first job: University of Bonn

Claudia Steinwender: 2009-2014, first position: Post-doc IES Princeton, current job: MIT Sloan School

Hannes Schwandt: EDP student from Pompeu Fabra 2009-10, first position: Post-doc Center for Health and Wellbeing, Princeton, current job: University of Zürich

Alexander Lembcke: 2008-2012, first job: OECD

Örjan Sandewall: 2007-2008, first job: NERA

Fabian Waldinger: 2004-2008, first job: Warwick University, current job: University of Munich

Michele Pellizzari: 2000-2004, first job: Bocconi, current job: University of Geneva