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Working Papers

Spiekermann K. and Goodin, R.E. 'Epistemic Solidarity as a Political Strategy'.

Spiekermann, K. and Weiss, A. 'Objective and Subjective Compliance: How 'Moral Wiggle Room' Opens' (updated version Oct 2013, with new title).

The Conditions of Esteem

Nudges and Norms for the Common Good


Book Reviews

Spiekermann, K. (2013), 'Review: Framing Democracy: A Behavioral Approach to Democratic Theory,  Jamie Terence Kelly', Ethics.

Spiekermann, K (2011), 'Review: Beyond Humanity? The Ethics of Biomedical Enhancement, Allen Buchanan.' Revista de Direito Sanitario - Journal of Health Law 12(1), 293 - 302.