Diana M. Weinhold

Associate Professor of Development Economics
Department of International Development
London School of Economics
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE

Email: d.weinhold@lse.ac.uk


Short Bio: Hello! Welcome to my website. I am an applied economist who researches a wide range of issues, usually but not always related to environmental economics, trade, and/or economic development. Originally from California and Wisconsin, my interest in development emerged during my junior year in high school when I was a Rotary exchange student in San Cristobal, Venezuela. I subsequently spent a college year abroad in Thailand and a semester in Costa Rica while attending the University of Wisconsin, Madison. After graduating with a PhD in Economics from UC San Diego, I worked briefly as an assistant professor of Economics at Vanderbilt University before making my way to the Dept. of International Development at the London School of Economics in the UK, where I've been ever since. My research and hobbies continue to reflect my passions for nature, animals, ideas, and exploration. I'm extremely fortunate to be surrounded by an interdisciplinary set of world-class colleagues, and the bright, highly international MSc and PhD students here teach me new things every day.




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