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Modernisation Theory and German History

This is planned as a two-volume work. The article `Modernisation as Social Evolution: The German Case, c.1800-1880, Transactions of the Royal Historical Society (Sixth Series, XV, 2005), pp.117-147 sketches out some of the leading ideas of this project.

Comparative cultural history of mid-nineteenth century Hamburg, Lyon and Manchester

This project began as a collaborative one but I am now pursuing it on my own with a view to writing a book with the working title Liberalism and bourgeois culture.

Comparing German unifications

An AHRB funded research project with colleagues at the University of Birmingham, comparing certain literary and political aspects of the two German unifications. One book, co-edited by myself and Ronald Speirs, has already been published. Some of the research group are working on another book focusing on the first German unification.

General approaches to nationalism

I am editor of a planned Oxford Handbook on the History of Nationalism.