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First, a moment of genius from XKCD ( All prospective advisees must appreciate this cartoon.



Office hours:

  • My office hours are generally Tuesdays from 1600-1700 in my office, 32LIF.3.09; however, please check this page for any updates.
  • Starting 21 February, my office hours return to their normal time. See you Tuesdays.
  • Please note that I do not schedule office hour times via LSE for You. My office hours work on a first come-first served queueing system. Don't worry. If you show up during the office hour slot, I will make sure we have time to talk however long other meetings last.
  • If you have a course conflict with this slot, I can arrange to stay later. Just email me in advance.
  • My PhD advisees should sign up for specific office hour meetings. Please contact Rhoda Frith to schedule.




Course Materials:

  • EC307: Development Economics (Lent)
  • EC455: Quantitative Approaches and Policy Analysis (Lent)
  • EC535: Development and Growth for Research Students (Lent)

For all course materials, please visit the relevant LSE Moodle page





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