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Professor of Economic Geography @ London School of Economics

Research interests:

Urban and real estate economics: location choice; homeownership; housing supply and land use regulations; house price capitalization; social capital investment; education; local public finance; political economy


Latest publications (in refereed journals):

Empty Homes, Longer Commutes: The Unintended Consequences of More Restrictive Local Planning, with Paul Cheshire and Hans Koster, Journal of Public Economics, 2018, Vol. 158, 126-151. (JPUBE publication open access) (working paper version)

Mortgage Debt and Entrepreneurship, with Philippe Bracke and Olmo Silva, Journal of Urban Economics, 2018, Vol. 103, 52-66. (JUE publication-open access) (BoE working paper version)

Institutional Settings and Urban Sprawl: Evidence from Europe, with Max V. Ehrlich and Olivier Schoeni, forthcoming in Journal of Housing Economics. (working paper version)

Transfer Taxes and Household Mobility: Distortion on the Housing or Labor Market?, with Teemu Lyytikainen, Journal of Urban Economics, 2017, Vol. 101, 57-73. (working paper) (JUE) (Economist article 'The Rise of the Homebody' from 5/8/2017) (Telegraph front page article 'Stamp Duty Killing Housing Sales' from 9/8/2017 via Pressreader) (Telegraph online version of article from 9/8/2017)

The Economic Implications of House Price Capitalization: A Synthesis, Real Estate Economics, 2017, Vol. 45, No. 2, 301-339. (working paper) (REE)

Housing Policies in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the United States: Lessons Learned, with Olivier Schoeni, Cityscape, 2017, Vol. 18, No. 3, 291-332. (Cityscape)

The Impact of Supply Constraints on House Prices in England, with Wouter Vermeulen, Economic Journal, 2016, Vol. 126, No. 591, 358-405. (working paper) (EJ) (FT article from 10/3/2016) (Economist article 'Little Londons' from 24/9/2016)


Recent presentations/opinion pieces/written evidence:

In brief...Empty homes, longer commutes, with Paul Cheshire and Hans Koster, CentrePiece, 2018 (Spring). (CentrePiece article)

Stamp duty, Mobility and the Housing Crisis, with Teemu Lyytikainen, CentrePiece, 2017 (Autumn). (CentrePiece article) (Reprint in PropertyChronicle)

Inaugural lecture on "Britain's Housing Crisis: causes and cures", 21 March 2017. (Video) (Audio) (Slides)

Two part article in PBC Today on failures and future of British planning system, July and October 2016 issues. (opinion piece - Part 1) (opinion piece - Part 2)

Presentation on "The Economic Impact of the British Planning and Fiscal System: Business Rates Devolution and other Policy Options", Department for Communities and Local Government, 19 September 2016. (presentation)

Keynote lecture(s) on "Property Price Dynamics", Humboldt University, MacroHist Summer School Workshop, 15 September 2016. (slides)

UK Housing and Planning Policies: Evidence from Economic Research, HM Treasury on 6 June 2016. (presentation)

Written evidence to the HM Treasury Select Committee (House of Commons), 2 May 2016 (corresponds to oral evidence given on 13 April 2016). (written evidence)